Best Concept Map Templates For PowerPoint Presentations

Technical models and diagrams that depict the relationship between different concepts are often presented using concept maps. Making concept map diagrams isn’t all that hard, especially if you have a good template to assist you.

Concept Map Templates for Making Presentations and Official Diagrams

While there is no need to be all that extravagant when making a concept map, however, it should be at least attractive enough to catch the viewer’s eyes and simple enough to help grasp the intricate web of connections displayed in it. You can create such concept maps with the help of the following PowerPoint Templates, which come with easy to customize slide designs that can help you create concept maps for presentations, as well as in the form of official, printable diagrams.

best concept map templates for powerpoint

Simple Mind Map PowerPoint Template

As the name goes, this is an easy to use template for PowerPoint, with a simple, clean layout that can be useful for making mind maps and concept maps with a lot of text. The placeholders can be easily edited, removed and added to insert new items and you can even move them around to change the location of the given strings.

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simple mind map powerpoint template

Mind Map Diagram Template for PowerPoint

This is a finely crafted template with different sample slides that can assist you in making a concept map with an easy to grasp, yet eye-catching layout. You can use the different slide designs in this template to create multiple concept maps with different layouts and graphics. While you can add additional text and images to these sample slides, however, simply editing the available text boxes alone can help you create mind and concept maps in no time.

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mind map diagram template for powerpoint

Creative Mind Map PowerPoint Template

This is another good template for making mind maps and concept maps. It shows a brain and a network of nerves connected to it. Using PowerPoint Drawing Tools, you can change the overall look of the given sample slides in this template (e.g. to change the color of the brain) or simply insert text to quickly create a professional looking concept map.

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creative mind map template for microsoft powerpoint

Tree Diagram Template for PowerPoint

Originally designed for making tree diagrams, this is a multi-purpose template you can use for making concept maps by editing the diagram of a tree, with leaves acting as different parts of a concept map.

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tree diagram template for microsoft powerpoint

Creative Tree Diagrams Template for PowerPoint

If you are looking for more tree shaped sample slides for making more elaborate concept maps, then you might find this template to be quite useful. Like the above mentioned templates, this template is also highly customizable, and you can edit slides right down to the colors of the leaves.

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creative tree diagrams template for powerpoint

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