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Concept Map Template

Technical models and diagrams that depict the relationship between different concepts are often presented using concept maps. Making concept map diagrams isn’t that hard, especially if you have an excellent template to assist you.

While there is no need to be all that extravagant when making a concept map, however, it should be at least attractive enough to catch the viewer’s eyes and simple enough to help grasp the intricate web of connections displayed in it. You can create such concept maps with the help of the PowerPoint Templates we describe at the end of the article, which come with easy-to-customize slide designs that can help you create concept maps for presentations and in the form of official, printable diagrams. Before starting with the article, check out our Free Concept Map Template compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides.

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What is a Concept Map?

A concept map is a graphical representation of concepts or ideas. These concepts are linked in a concept map in nodes and connected using lines or arrows, usually in a hierarchy. The nodes are presented in circles or boxes labeled to spell out parts of the map.

They aid in clear thinking, memory retention, and comprehension of complicated concepts by assisting you with:

  • Organize your ideas
  • Investigate a subject in depth.
  • Visualize the connections between concepts and ideas.
  • Connect the opinions, thoughts, and concepts to show the overall picture.

A concept map can be constructed in PowerPoint using three components: shapes, connectors, and text. Combining these three components, you can map out thoughts and ideas in a form that makes it easy to understand for someone viewing the visualization. Its simplicity makes concept maps handy for many purposes, including note-taking, brainstorming, software design, communicating complex ideas, lexicon development, mapping symmetries, and organizing team knowledge.

However, it’s critical to have an easy-to-understand layout when displaying a concept map in your presentation. To do so, PowerPoint would serve as an excellent platform to create concept maps for a presentation.

Concept Map Circle Diagram Example
Source: 7+1 Item Mindmap PowerPoint Template by

Concept Maps Graphical Elements


Most concept maps use circles or squares (nodes); however, different maps might use different shapes, such as flowcharts, where other forms define the chart from start to end.


Another essential part of a concept map is the lines or arrows that connect the map. A single node in a map might relate to one or more nodes, which helps identify the relation one node represents with another connected node.


Nodes come with text that helps describe the node. As the map moves from one node to another, the relationship between the nodes can be understood using the text labels.

History of Concept Maps

Concept mapping was the brainchild of American educator Joseph D. Novak. During his research at Cornell University during the 70s, Novak used concept mapping to represent scientific information before his students. Novak’s work had its roots in the results of American psychologist David Ausubel.

What Is A Concept Map

Concept Maps have their origin in the theory of education called constructivism that implies that learning entails constructing new understanding and knowledge by integrating with what is already understood. Novak taught children as young as six years old to help represent their responses. His book, ‘Learning How to Learn’ explains his views on learning through existing cognitive structures assimilating with new concepts.

Benefits of Using Concept Maps

Concept maps offer numerous benefits in various contexts, from education and research to problem-solving and project management. Here are some of the key advantages of using concept maps:

  • Enhanced Understanding: Concept maps visually clarify complex information, aiding in the comprehension of intricate relationships between concepts.
  • Organized Information: They structure data logically, enhancing retention and recall of important details.
  • Effective Communication: Concept maps facilitate clear idea conveyance, making them valuable in group discussions and presentations.
  • Facilitates Learning: In education, concept maps encourage critical thinking, idea connection, and topic visualization, benefiting both teachers and students.
  • Problem Solving and Creativity: Concept maps break down complex problems, promote creative thinking, and offer insights into alternative solutions.

How to Create an Effective Concept Map?

Making a concept map is half the journey, but knowing how to make a concept map on PowerPoint effectively is crucial. To make it effective, you need to carefully consider several factors, including identifying the core objectives of making the map, the medium used for drawing your map, and carefully connecting the dots (so to speak).

Identify and Define the Basic Elements of Your Topic

Defining the basic elements of your topic is essential for the concept map to be meaningful. You might want to focus on the primary subject and the objective of constructing your map. Before you start working on your concept map, it is essential to understand what you intend to achieve. So, if you are making a flowchart, each part of the chart will have to be defined using a specific type of shape, representing the flow of the visualization. Similarly, if a concept map is based on a brainstorming session, you require gathering the ideas and putting them in perspective. You might also want to decide whether you would like to complete this task during or after the brainstorming session.

Phases of Project Management Concept Map
Source: 5-Step Petal Mindmap Concept for PowerPoint by

Pick a Method to Design Your Concept Map

There are several ways you can construct a concept map, including using a content mapping template. You can draw it on a blank page with a pencil, or you can opt for using online tools, desktop, or mobile apps to construct a more elaborate map. Not only are there many free and premium concept map-making apps, but you can even use a concept map template for PowerPoint to create your map in the form of a single slide or to spread it out across your presentation deck.

If you wish to construct your concept map using an app, you can use various cloud-based tools like Lucidchart or Visme. You can also use cross-platform applications like Mindmiester or Mind Master. The latter is available across all popular formats, including using Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can even use a simple app like the Paint app in Windows or start constructing your app using a stylus pen and a tablet.

Concept Map Example PPT Template

Draw Your Map from the Top to the Bottom

Concept maps often have the most inclusive concepts listed at the top, followed by whole ideas, as you start mapping out the finer details of the visualization. Therefore, drawing the map from top to bottom makes sense, and this will allow you to branch out the map from the more general to the more specific and exclusive concepts. 

Carefully Connect Your Map

Connecting your map is one of the vital elements of constructing a concept map. Because one or more nodes might be related to a single or multiple other nodes, the visualization should capture this linkage between nodes to make the relationship understandable for the viewer. Therefore you must ensure that all relevant nodes in your map are linked neatly with pertinent other nodes and easily identified by following the strings laid out in your map.

How to Make a Concept Map in PowerPoint?

To construct a concept map in PowerPoint, you can use Shapes or SmartArt via the Insert tab.

Concept Map Example Template

When you make a concept map, you can use a hierarchy to add information to your map. You can add shapes and connect them using lines and arrows according to need.

Concept Map PowerPoint Example

Below is an example of a simple concept map in PowerPoint. The map shows how living things can be divided into plants and animals, where the example of the animal includes a cow that eats grass. The map can be further elaborated by segregating carnivores, herbivores and, omnivores and linking them in the food chain.

How To Make A Concept Map

The video given below provides a brief overview of constructing a concept map in PowerPoint. You can make your concept mapping task easy by using ready-made PowerPoint templates for building your concept maps. You can check out our post on the Best Concept Map Templates for PowerPoint to find a few useful templates that can help you create a neat-looking concept map in no time.

When to use Concept Maps?

Concept Maps are a great way of mapping knowledge and weaving it with the current understanding of an individual or a group of people. You don’t necessarily need to be an expert to understand a concept map; however, each concept map relies on an individual’s prior knowledge to help in the process of learning and comprehending ideas and concepts. For example, a concept map to help a K12 student understand the water cycle would require their ability to grasp the idea.

With cognitive structures, you can help others assimilate knowledge and new ideas. Similarly, more complex concept maps used for software design or to synthesize information would require prior knowledge related to the concept to make sense for the individual involved in the mapping or learning process.

Circle Infographic Concept Map

Concept maps can have a variety of functions other than learning and teaching new concepts. Businesses use concept maps to map out the customer journey and understand the user flow that leads them to their product. For example, concept maps can be great for understanding sales conducted through e-commerce platforms, the response of customer services, and the gap between the customer and the service provider. As e-commerce continues to grow exponentially in the era of COVID-19, we are likely to find many uses for concept maps to understand better the flow of sales, customer experience, and the customer journey. Suppose you also seek to create another type of diagram to compare the relationship between concepts. In that case, you can also use Venn diagrams as a parallel or complementary part of an analysis.

Regardless of how you intend to use a concept map, you should ensure that you get the basics right. Misconstruction of the linkage between the nodes in a concept map can defeat the map’s purpose. If links aren’t clear, it is good to use labels that explain the lack of clarity regarding a node’s linkage. For instance, this might be needed when synthesizing information related to new research that might require additional vetting before being validated. This might also be necessary when concept maps are being used to gauge trends and forecasts.

How to Customize a Concept Map Template?

  1. Choose the Concept Map Template that you like the most.
  2. Click on Download and create your account
  3. You can edit your Concept Map template in PowerPoint or Google Slides.
  4. Once you have your Concept Map template open, click on any text area and edit.
  5. Copy and paste any section of the Concept Map template, or delete sections you will not use.
  6. You can add icons, your company’s branding elements, photos and edit the PowerPoint Presentation colors.
  7. Once finished you can download it and share it with your company’s collaborators.

Concept Map design best practices

Finally, now you know all the designs. Decisions you make must be based on the data you wish to visualize and the goal of your concept map. However, in case you are not sure where to begin your concept map, consider the major questions you’d like to address either it could be a single question or a group of questions. Then, while creating your concept map on those questions.

When making a concept map, you must not forget to consider your audience:

  • What information will they require in order to comprehend your concept-map?
  • What level of detail do you require?
  • What can you do to improve the engagement of your concept-map?

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Concept Mapping

While concept mapping is a valuable technique, it’s essential to avoid common mistakes to ensure the effectiveness of your concept maps. Here are some common errors to steer clear of:

  • Overcomplication: Keep your concept map simple and clear, focusing on simplifying and clarifying information, rather than making it overly complex.
  • Lack of Focus: Ensure your concept map centers around a clear central concept or theme, avoiding the inclusion of unrelated ideas.
  • Unclear Relationships: Define relationships between concepts precisely to prevent confusion caused by vague or unclear connections.
  • Excessive Detail: Stick to essential concepts and ideas in your concept map, avoiding the inclusion of excessive details that may hinder clarity.
  • Ignoring Hierarchy: Establish a hierarchy of concepts, starting with broader ideas and progressing to more specific ones, to maintain organization and clarity.

Concept Map Templates Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use a Concept Map Template for?

With a concept map, you may visualize and integrate ideas and implement those abstract notions into your PowerPoint Presentation. Moreover, it aids you in making it easier for your viewers to consume and remember the most crucial points.

What are the advantages of using a Concept Map Template?

The use of a Concept Map Template can benefit you from many aspects. It allows you to integrate new and experienced concepts to synthesize information, encourage visual learning and make complex thoughts easy to communicate. In turn, it encourages team members to be creative and communicate with each other.

What is the difference between Concept Map and Mind Map?

The most critical difference among both is the structural characteristic. Topics and linkages are valued equally in a concept map. On the other hand, mind maps are more focused on the topic. Due to which if you look closely, concept maps appear to illustrate why particular nodes are connected more clearly. Whereas, The mind map is a great solution when you simply want to scribble down as many themes and facts as possible. Hence, for much easier implementation, consider incorporating Mind Map Template. It would make your brainstorming session effective, enabling you to inspire the audience and help them remember the thoughts delivered.

Concept Map Templates for Making Presentations and Official Diagrams

At SlideModel we aim to provide the user with a wide range of pre-designed editable templates. Thanks to our variety of presentations you can browse and choose the design that you think is right for you to clearly explain your ideas and keep your audience engaged.

In turn, through the information we provide, we have made it easy to create a Concept Map. However you should make sure to take advantage of all its features so that your slides are attractive and fulfill their basic purpose, letting the audience grasp the dense web of relationships presented in it easily. You can make such creative concept maps with the help of the PowerPoint templates listed below.

1. Free Concept Map PowerPoint Template

The Free Concept Map PowerPoint Template depicts a hierarchical structure. The hierarchy levels contain different shades of colors to differentiate the topics. The concept map template allows the audience to view the information in a One Pager Slide. The presenter can organize complex information and present it visually engagingly. For a presentation on problem-solving, such as to cause and effect analysis, text boxes on branches are appropriate. The presenter can show questions or cause as an outcome of the previous level of a concept map.

Use This Template

2. Simple Mind Map PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint template is easy to use. It has a straightforward, clean layout that enables you to establish a creative concept map and mind map yet equally informative along with valuable text without any limitations. You may quickly modify, remove, and add placeholders to enter new things. Moreover, you can also move them around to alter the location of the specified strings.

Use This Template

3. Mind Map Diagram Template for PowerPoint

With this Mind Map Diagram Template for PowerPoint, you can elegantly structure your thoughts and opinions, that too without consuming your valuable time. These layouts are mainly designed for brainstorming sessions or corporate presentations. For example, instead of listing down your points, you can utilize the colorful boxes, dedicating each box for each stance. Doing so will make you display your thoughts clearly to your audience. Note that all the slides are open for further modification, whether it’s about adding extra text or visuals. However, merely this eye-catching structure would do its job very well; you won’t need anything further.

Use This Template

4. Creative Mind Map PowerPoint Template

This easy concept map template entails clipart of a brain with a network of nerves running through it. SlideModel gives you full authority over the slides as it enables you to adjust the general look of the provided sample slides as per your overall theme of the presentation. For instance, in this map template, you can change the color of the brain or simply just input text to rapidly build a professional-looking yet creative concept map utilizing the PowerPoint Drawing Tools.

Use This Template

5. Tree Diagram Template for PowerPoint

This Tree Diagram content map template is handy for business professionals. It enables you to portray labor relationships and team duties clearly and concisely. Moreover, it also presents the leader’s responsibilities over their work teams.

With the help of this diagram, you can make a creative concept map. Furthermore, these templates are editable. Hence you can edit the diagram of the tree with the branches, either making use of it to showcase the team duties or present the project’s process, branching the various parts of it.

Use This Template

6. Creative Tree Diagrams Template for PowerPoint

To create a catchy eye presentation utilizing these tree-shaped slides would do good. This semantic map template is ideal for decision making the presentation as having this; you can intricate more concept maps in your presentation. Just like other templates of SlideModel, this template is fully adaptable.

Look at this tree diagram above; the branches link the elements or ideas together, whereas the root might symbolize the central principle or subject.

Use This Template

7. Brain Tree PowerPoint Template

The Brain Tree PowerPoint Template depicts four brain functions and their sub-processes. The template includes vector graphics of the left and right hemispheres of the brain, along with colorful process segments, which makes the slides look appealing. Technical working can be dull, distracting the audience; however, with these templates, you can present business planning and strategic management concepts engagingly as it entails four slides created to highlight the segments of the brain shape individually. Using these will aid you in having an elaborate discussion over a particular stance that you want to focus on.

The brain tree shape in this content mapping template will represent a primary hub that will interconnect all possible viewpoints, thoughts, and solutions.

Use This Template

8. Multi-Step Infographic Agenda Slides for PowerPoint

Multi-Step Infographic Agenda Slides is a set of four templates that present five up to 8 agenda items on each. The functions required to attain the aim in the center of the slide are demonstrated in these steps. The agenda infographic template visually connects ideas to the central unit, emphasizing the link. They are also helpful for displaying categories, kinds, and subprocesses in addition to the agenda items.

Particularly the design of this Concept Map Template, as you can see above, the circular icons branching out of the main central idea in the middle, is ideal for a non-sequential agenda. For instance, this concept map editable template can be used to discuss a particular product’s aspects.

Use This Template

9. Negotiation Summary PowerPoint Template

This straightforward concept map template has a storyboard layout that precisely encapsulates the negotiation preparation process. Logical operations are broken down into manageable chunks in a single slide layout. Doing so will aid in the successful communication of negotiation preparation methods and information. Business processes can be demonstrated in an easy-to-understand Mind Map Presentation using such a map template. It enables you to display the significant components narratively and provides a flow of action.

Use This Template

10. 5-Step Petal Mind Map Concept for PowerPoint

This Petal Mind Map is one of the creative content map templates since it features a semi-circle in the shape of flower petals. These PowerPoint petal shapes include clipart icons that will aid in the visualization of terms in your blank concept map. This five-step mind map layout helps break down the issue to comprehend and adequately explain each crucial component. It’s an ideal business presentation for communicating key concepts and organizing data to carry out business plans smoothly.

Use This Template

11. Octopus Diagram PowerPoint Template

The Octopus Diagram PowerPoint Template features creative content map layouts that depict an octopus structure with tentacles like the central unit controlling various components, similar to the tree diagram with several branches discussed above. In addition, each tentacle has a clipart icon to represent several diagram terms. These graphics can be used to present a variety of themes such as Sub-processes or systems, different classifications, or product requirements.

Use This Template

12. 4 Item with Core PowerPoint Template

The Concept Map Template 4 Item with Core is a multi-purpose diagram that presents four connected components to resolve the fundamental issue and get the desired goal. There are two sets of slides in this PowerPoint Concept Map Template, and each set includes five slides that go through each part of the diagram with considerable detail. It depicts a four-step mind map that could be used effectively for a range of strategy and planning PowerPoints. Such as Marketing fundamentals, business models, sub-processes, and classifications.

Use This Template

13. 7+1 Item MindMap PowerPoint Template

The Concept Map Template depicts a molecule structure with the primary element at the center and the other items branching out in circular segments with text placeholders. These mind map templates are ideal for project planning sessions as brainstorming ideas would be fun using these visual tools since they aid in organizing information and analyzing thoughts in a creative yet straightforward manner. Furthermore, SlideModel gives full authority over the PowerPoint editing options enabling users to personalize the content without any hassle, i.e., change colors, add effects, and animations.

Use This Template

14. 4 Item 12 Sub-Item PowerPoint Diagram

A compass with all four primary directions as processes is depicted in this PowerPoint Diagram. On the other hand, exhibit three-pointers as sub-processes. This professional template essentially offers an outline of the logical structure of the project. As a result, a single-view PowerPoint slide can convey the essence of the project strategy and strategies to the audience. It also aids experts in breaking down the scope of work into manageable chunks.

Use This Template

15. SWOT Mind Map for PowerPoint

SWOT Mind Map for PowerPoint comprises four variables- Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Hence, this map template is suitable for business planning and organizational growth. Besides, these slide designs are editable, which can assist the user in creating excellent visuals that will help the audience fully grasp the report. With this PowerPoint template, you can make stylish and functional presentations for professional audiences.

Use This Template

16. Concept Maps PowerPoint Template

The Concept Maps PowerPoint Template is a collection of 4 tree diagrams. These PowerPoint Templates will allow you to organize complex information through an easy-to-understand flowchart. A hierarchical structure breaks down knowledge into multiple levels or stages, making it easier for the audience to understand what you communicate.

Use This Template

17. Concept Maps Infographics Template

The Concept Maps Infographics Template seeks to generate a hierarchical structure accompanied by a specific iconography that provides a didactic aspect and helps to engage the audience. At the same time, within its different slides, more hierarchy levels can explain and represent more complex concepts.

Use This Template

18. Sticky Notes Concept Maps PowerPoint Template

Suppose you are looking to generate a Concept Map with a different aesthetic from the average. In that case, the Sticky Notes Concept Maps PowerPoint Template will allow you to develop a didactic design, adding Sticky Notes with placeholders where you can add relevant information in your PowerPoint Template and generate engagement with your audience. This Concept Map Template is widely used in educational presentations.

Use This Template

19. Roadmap Concept Map PowerPoint Theme

Use This Template

20. Opportunities Solution Tree PowerPoint Template

Use This Template

21. 4-Item Hierarchy Infographic PowerPoint Template

Use This Template

22. Creative Mind Map Template for PowerPoint

Use This Template

23. Mind Map Branches PowerPoint Template

Use This Template

24. 5 Step Core Diagram Template for PowerPoint

Use This Template

25. Sticky Notes Concept Maps PowerPoint Template

Use This Template

26. Decision Tree Diagram for PowerPoint

Use This Template

27. Opportunities Solution Tree PowerPoint Template

Use This Template

28. Decision Tree & Matrix Template for PowerPoint

Use This Template

29. Decision Tree Diagram with Text Boxes for PowerPoint

Use This Template

30. 6W Model of Customer Analysis Slide Template

Use This Template

31. Free Decision Tree PowerPoint Templates

Use This Template

32. Free Octopus Design for PowerPoint

Use This Template

33. Free 4 Steps Liquid PowerPoint Diagram

Use This Template

34. Free Modern Tree Diagram for PowerPoint

Use This Template

35. Free 6-Item Hexagonal Diagram Slide Template

Use This Template

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