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Editable 6-Item Hexagonal Diagram with Icons
Free 6-Item Hexagonal Shapes Diagram for PowerPoint

Our Free 6-Item Hexagonal Diagram Slide Template is an editable PowerPoint diagram to present an idea or process with six components. The creativity and the colour scheme of this design are meant to catch the audience’s attention and make simpler concepts look interesting. This Google Slides template shows a circular arrangement of 6 hexagonal shapes which carry numbers from 1 to 6. There are text boxes to mention essential details for each point along with these text areas. The continuity of the constituent steps or components is represented through a circular dotted line between the hexagons.

The core element of this 6-item hexagonal diagram shows a graphic icon that can be replaced according to the use case. Its design is further enhanced by the bold and dotted line boundary of the core element in a lighter color shade. These slides display a color combination of plum and white and vary concerning background color, i.e., light and dark. However, users can download our 6-Item Hexagonal Shapes Diagram for PowerPoint, another variant of this template diagram.

The Free 6-Item Hexagonal Diagram Slide Template is a general-purpose diagram that can have diverse applications based on specific requirements. In business presentations, one can customize it to show the target market or business problems in a go-to-market strategy. This diagram can also illustrate the steps to acquiring a particular goal. Presenters can also showcase several factors and their inter-relation, sub-processes or benefits etc. So, users can download this free PPT template and transform it for their customized use case.


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