Venn Diagram Ideas For PowerPoint Presentations

Venn Diagrams are widely used for business presentations where one may require showing the relationship between a collection of sets. While such diagrams can be made using shapes and SmartArt Graphics in PowerPoint, however, they can often appear confusing if the color combination and layout is messy. This is why one can save time and effort in making Venn Diagrams and also get some useful Venn Diagram ideas for making presentations with the help of readymade PowerPoint Templates.

Whether you’re a student or a professional, you may have heard of Venn diagrams. Perhaps you’re required to demonstrate the logic in Boolean expressions, describe the commonalities and differences between two communities, or want to show how your company is different from the competitor’s; Venn diagram can be a great tool to organize all of this data.

These diagrams are a great tool and graphic organizer to visually represent logical data and help in demonstrating the commonalities and differences between two or more entities or concepts. In this article we will discuss what Venn diagrams are, their history, their purpose, and where they are used.

What is a Venn Diagram?

A Venn Diagram is an illustration representing sets and the relationship between them. Venn diagrams consist of circles, each representing a set. Everything inside a particular circle is considered as an element of the set, while everything which is outside is not considered an element of the set. If there are elements that belong to two or more sets, the circles are overlapped such that the elements become part of the two or more entities.
Venn diagrams are part of Euler diagrams and are used in Mathematics to demonstrate the set theory. Moreover, these diagrams are used to illustrate relationships between sets in logic, probability, statistics, computer science, and linguistics.

A Brief History of Venn Diagrams

The pioneer of Venn diagrams is John Venn, who made these diagrams popular in 1880. John Venn published a titled On the Diagrammatic and Mechanical Representation of Propositions and Reasoning in the Journal of Science and the Philosophical Magazine. The diagrams introduced by Venn gave various ways to illustrate propositions by diagrams.

According to Mark Wetson and Frank Ruskey, these diagrams had been used in formal logic much before Venn. However, they are correctly associated with him as he had comprehensively studied these diagrams, formalized them, and generalized their usage.

At first, Venn did not call his diagrams Venn Diagrams but rather referred to them as Eulerian Circles. However, Lewis Carroll included Venn’s Method of Diagrams and Euler’s Method of Diagrams in the appendix of his book titled Symbolic Logic in 1896. Moreover, in his book entitled A Survey of Symbolic Logic in 1918, Clarence Irving Lewis used the term Venn Diagram.

Leonhard Euler had developed Euler Diagrams in the 18th century; Venn diagrams are quite similar to Euler Diagrams. Moreover, M.E. Baron had stated that Leibniz, in the 17th century, made similar diagrams to Euler diagrams. However, much of the work remained unpublished. She had also noted that early Euler-like diagrams had been around since the 13th century by Ramon Lull.

The Purpose and Use Of Venn Diagrams

Venn diagrams are used for various purposes. Some of these purposes include:

  • They show the relationship between various sets of entities and organize the data visually. Students, as well as professionals, may use these diagrams to show the logic governing a concept as well as to aid visual communication. They may be able to demonstrate the similarities and differences between the two concepts in a visual manner.
  • With Venn diagrams, you may be able to show the commonalities and differences between two or more entities in business or marketing. This may be used for selecting a service or product for purchase.
  • If you’re a mathematician or a student studying mathematics, you can use these diagrams to solve complex problems, visualize the prediction of probabilities, correlations, and compare data sets.
  • These diagrams may also be used for giving reasons for the logic in statements, such as in Boolean logic.

From the above discussion, Venn Diagrams can be used in:

  • In Education while teaching regular subjects: Mathematics, logic, probability, and statistics.
  • In Computer Science to show the overlaps between sets of data.
  • In Business presentations, for example to represent the market size with a TAM, SAM and SOM visualization.

Other Names For Venn Diagrams may include: primary diagrams, logic diagrams, or set diagrams.

Venn Diagram With Grunge Style For PowerPoint

The Grunge Venn Diagram PowerPoint Template is a professionally designed template that provides highly customizable sample slides for making Venn Diagrams.

Venn Diagram With Grunge Style For PowerPoint

The overlapping circles in this template come with different color combinations and a clean layout; which can be customized right down to the very basic objects in the given sample slides.

Customize Venn Diagram

This template is available in both Standard and Widescreen format and can be downloaded from the link given below.

Go to Grunge Venn Diagram PowerPoint Template

Grunge Concentric Circles For PowerPoint

Another Grunge based template for PowerPoint that can be quite handy in quickly constructing Venn Diagrams is the Grunge Concentric Circles PowerPoint Template. This template comes with textured objects and different shapes for making different types of Venn Diagrams.

Grunge Concentric Circles

The diversity in shapes can be useful in constructing diagrams for representing a diverse range of processes and can also be helpful in differentiating one type of process from another (during a PowerPoint presentation).

Grunge Concentric Circles For PowerPoint

For more details about this template, see the link given below.

Go to Download Grunge Concentric Circles PowerPoint Template

Ecosystem Diagram PowerPoint Template

This is another fine template for making Venn Diagrams. It provides 6 awesome slide designs in the form of circular diagrams.

Ecosystem Diagram PowerPoint Template

While this template has been designed mainly for biology or eco-system related presentations, however, you can also use this template to create Venn Diagrams related to business or production processes, a community, network of objects or people, etc.

Ecosystem Diagram Template

To see an example of sample slides and to download this template, check out the link given below.

Go to Download Ecosystem Diagram PowerPoint Template

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