TAM SAM SOM Presentation Slides for PowerPoint

TAM SAM SOM Presentation Slides for PowerPoint – three diagram versions for market concept model. These Venn diagram designs shows the market size subsets in concentric circles. 12 slides are available for a detailed discussion about each term in separate slides. A simple PowerPoint background will let users easily copy and adjust diagram according to presentation theme. The flat vector-based shapes will allow users to change colors from a range of solid fill options.

TAM SAM SOM model for market size provides a quick view of opportunities before making investment decisions. This model requires businesses to create estimations of market in three gradual levels. The Total Available Market (TAM) is total market demand for a product of service. The part of TAM that is serviceable within global reach is Serviceable Addressable Market (SAM). Lastly, Serviceable Obtainable Market is the segment of SAM that business can capture.

The purpose of TAM SAM SOM is to assess an opportunity for investment or sales pitch. The first target market for business products is SOM. Once SOM goals are achieved, company can now assess segments of SAM to capture. After SAM, extend efforts to achieve Total Available Market (TAM). The market size model of TAM SAM SOM can be discussed in both ways starting from TAM or SOM. The funnel style TAM SAM SOM diagram PowerPoint could be used to present both options.

The TAM SAM SOM Presentation Slides for PowerPoint will give a quick overview of market size. It will help audiences to evaluate product market and obtainable goals to make informed decisions.

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