Grunge Venn Diagram for PowerPoint

Creative Grunge Venn Diagram Design for PowerPoint
3-Part Venn Diagram Slide Design for PowerPoint (Editable)

This is a Grunge Venn Diagram template compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides. John Venn introduced the concept of The Venn Diagram on its paper “On the Diagrammatic and Mechanical Representation of Propositions and Reasonings” in 1880. A Venn Diagram is a logical tool representing sets through circular shapes and a rectangular frame. The Venn Diagram PowerPoint template develops the tool by adding colors to sets and a grunge texture. Visually attractive to all audiences, the slides design can ensure information retainment.

The diagram is created to picture the size, value, difference and relationship between sets. The enclosing rectangle is considered as the universal set. All numbers and elements can be found in it. The circles and elements inside it all belong to the universal set. Each circle refers to a group of elements. The points where the circles intersect or overlap is where common elements are found. However, the curves where there are no similar elements is shown by a single color variation. There is no overlapping in dissimilar areas.

Venn diagrams are used to compare and contrast. They are used mathematically where numbers are represented. Business, science and personality concepts are also ideal for this template. To add more, computer science and statistics find this diagram handy, too.

The slides include colored shapes that are fully customizable. Its colors can be changed, making a mood and illustrating each set clearly. The sizes are editable by dragging them using PowerPoint shapes. Text placeholders can be moved around to satisfy the needs of the user. This allows the user to label each set correctly and add the necessary information. The photographic display of this information can help the audience grasp the idea and easily remember them.

If you want to have additional you can check our article on how to use Venn Diagrams Templates. Create fresh and stunning reports using Grunge Venn Diagram PowerPoint Template. With its flexible features, it is the perfect template for a wide array of presentation ideas. Flat Venn Diagram Intersection Icons is another awesome design, downloadable from the SlideModel gallery.

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