Grunge Concentric Circles for PowerPoint

Concentric Circles for PowerPoint
Simple Grunge Venn Diagram Design for PowerPoint

Decorate presentations with Grunge Concentric Circles for PowerPoint. The PowerPoint template is minimalistic and textured with grunge. It is creative and simple. It helps showcase complex textual contents through effective infographics.

The PowerPoint design includes 6 slides with onion diagrams and charts. Each layer has a corresponding color- yellow, red and blue. The first slide has an onion diagram at the center. Under the PowerPoint shape is the title text placeholder. Below the title, the user can enter a subtitle. The layers of the chart are labelled as WHY, WHAT and WHY. The presenter can use these sheets as venue for answering the given questions on a particular topic. The grunge gives the picture a realistic look. The layers are in a concentric arrangement. The fourth to sixth slides feature elliptical shapes rather than circles. The same concept and grunge style texture are applied.

This Microsoft presentation template is ideal for illustrating dependencies. Onion diagrams are designed for this specific reason. It is perfect in creating a strong teamwork and organization. The user can relate it to numerous leadership skills and management. Subjects like business planning and strategy planning are most applicable to these slide designs, too.

Every layer represents a component of the main idea. The innermost coat is the independent variable. In this layout, it is the WHY circle. The next layer, HOW is dependent on the it. WHAT layer is the outermost coating and is dependent on the first two components. The arrangement highlights on relationships between the elements and how one cannot work without the other.

If you want to understand the basics behind the described diagram, check our Venn Diagram Templates article were we deepen on the use of these diagrams in presentations.

Support global presentations with impressive visuals from Grunge Concentric Circles for PowerPoint. The PowerPoint shapes are fully customizable. Change the colors, fonts, size, etc. to fit the theme to a set of specifics. The SlideModel gallery hosts numerous practical designs of the same use. Concentric Circles Diagram Template for PowerPoint is another stunning choice.

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