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Four Asian Tigers PowerPoint Template is a professional PowerPoint deck designed for lectures, keynotes or general presentations of the countries Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea.

The term Four Asian Tigers (also known as the Four Dragons) was created to reference the newly highly free and developed economies of Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan. These countries have a fast industrial development from 1960 to 1990, becoming  all four , advanced and high-income economies, specializing in areas of competitive advantage. This high growth was achieved fueled by exports and rapid industrialization, and then deriving the surplus to industries of higher specialization. An educated population and high saving rates encompasses the growth and have proven to be resilient enough to stand after local and global crises.

Each of the Asian Tigers has specific characteristics and pillars of their economies:

  • South Korea: Located at the north of Southeast Asia is considered one of the world’s wealthiest nations. South Korea has a developed market economy, with high income and one of world’s fastest growing economies since the second half of the twentieth century. South Korean highly educated population is largely responsible of the high tech explosion and rapid economic development, which its major economic trade is the exports.
  • Taiwan: It has a developed capitalist economy with a professional economic planning focused in industrialization and services. Taiwan is one of the major contributors to the Global Value Chain of the Electronics Industry. Electronic components, semiconductors and personal computers are three of the high international strength of Taiwan’s Technology Industry.
  • Singapore: Is a highly developed market economy with global strength in trade. Government linked companies play a substantial role in the country economy fueled by high rates of foreign direct investment. Its economy has a highly attractive climate for investors. Its major economic engines are the electronic, chemicals and financial services.
  • Hong Kong: Considered one of the major international financial centers in the world, its service oriented economy is empowered by its low taxes, low export rates and financial market.

This presentations provide all the tools required to go through the four asian tigers characteristics and create professional lectures that appeal to global audiences.

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