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Presentation for Marketing Plan Agenda
Chapter of Market Size and Proposition
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General Marketing Plan Risk Assessment
Presentation of RACI Chart
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PPT General Marketing Plan
PowerPoint Marketing Dashboard Slide
Data-Driven Charts in Marketing Dashboards

The General Marketing Plan PowerPoint Templates is a comprehensive presentation involving different models and frameworks applied for marketing planning. It captures the outline of a marketing plan that can fit into any type of marketing planning presentation. This Marketing Plan Template contains 32 appealing slide layouts with usable tools. These slides combine graphics layouts and colors configurationsĀ  in a way that it easy to showcase with different themes. The general marketing plan provides pre-defined segments that users can edit easily with relevant planning information. This presentation has a structured format of chapters with creative table of contents slide. It will help you stay on track during the strategy plan meeting.

To make sure that the marketing budget is being spent in most productive way, companies develop a marketing plan. It encapsulates analysis, strategies, segmentation, and market surveys for a clear understanding of market position, customers and competitors. These are important steps that will lead to an effective marketing strategy.

The General Marketing Plan PowerPoint Templates provides a high-level overview of a business and its markets. The presenters can go into details of goals, solutions, and KPIs using concept diagrams and charts available here. These diagrams are tools to conduct market research that will help you compile data for various models. For example, research on businesses in the same industry or segmentation of target audience.

The presentation of General Marketing Plan is divided into 9 sections starting from scope to performance metrics. The first section includes total addressable market and a unique selling proposition. There are three slides of infographic concept diagrams to discuss pricing strategies, sales distribution plans, and 7 Ps of marketing in section 2. Third section of key segmentation provides a new arrow-shape diagram for market segments. It also includes matrix for product positioning. Fourth section contain data-driven chart and table dividing marketing budget in activities. The customer journey segment shows graph charts for post-purchase product lifecycle.

The next four sections of general marketing plan PowerPoint templates emphasize on methods and marketing metrics. Such as advertising options, key metrics of measuring effectiveness, RCAI matrix, projection timeline, and KPIs dashboards.

The General Marketing Plan PowerPoint Templates is a business slide deck for complex market analysis and strategies. This presentation will let you create an impressive presentation with a clean and organized look. It features high-quality graphics, tables, flow charts, and graphics ideal for all professional marketing presentations.

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