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Here are several flexible marketing strategy templates you can use to present topics such as marketing plans, time-to-market diagrams, market research presentations, omnichannel sales diagrams, and digital marketing strategies.

You’ll find both complete PPT presentation templates in this section and more specific slides, diagrams, and illustrations that can be added to marketing and other strategy, sales, or public relations-related presentations.

These marketing strategy presentation templates are also handy to help you make a marketing strategy. They give you valuable guidance and ideas for visual communication and essential parts of the strategy. Alternatively, browse our marketing plan templates for presentations.

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A marketing strategy is a broad term that can indicate strategy brainstorming, strategy plan, product marketing plan, paid media campaigns, social media marketing content, plan, and sales strategy. Different marketing strategies include brand awareness campaigns, lead generation strategies, promotions, and product and solutions advertising, amongst many others.

Marketing professionals often present marketing strategy pitches and proposals, including marketing managers, account executives, content team leads, marketing specialists, and community managers. Marketing strategies are often pitched to clients, partners, managers, and boards of directors.

It’s essential to use a powerful marketing strategy presentation to convince these stakeholders to approve your plan. Marketing strategy PowerPoint templates can help you communicate the plan you’ve worked so hard on in the best possible light, professionally and creatively.


What is a marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy is a set of goal-oriented steps drawn up by a marketing consultant or the marketing department to help an organization maximize its market share. The consultant will usually present this strategy to the board of directors, superior officers, and a marketing and sales personnel team. Our Go-To-Market Strategy Template will help you save time in preparing for a successful presentation. 

How to create a marketing strategy presentation that works?

A healthy marketing strategy will consider the 4 Ps (price, place, product, and promotion) of marketing to optimize customer and provider relationships for transaction facilitation. In your marketing strategy PowerPoint presentation, you want to highlight how you will adjust the variables in this factor to position the company’s products and services to meet the target market’s needs. Our Product Marketing Mix 4Ps PowerPoint Diagram would come in handy in your presentation. Also, check our article about how to create a strategy presentation.

How to make my marketing strategy presentation stand out?

Start by introducing yourself and your expertise on the topic. Let the audience know why it’s relevant to cover this topic. Construct the story to conduct the presentation on the key topics to cover, the most important metrics to track on the strategy, and why you consider this strategy can make a difference.

Point out with clear visuals the milestones to reach, with dates. Don’t forget to involve the audience by allowing them to interact with the data and ask questions to see if they properly understood the exposed content.

What should an adequate marketing strategy presentation include?

Your marketing strategy template must include key elements of the marketing strategy that will stir the visual aspects of your audience’s minds. The strategy should be clearly stated in a timeline or map, from where the present situation is assessed to how milestones resulting from defined tactics applied will be tracked. Information about the target market, budgeting, and steps for growth must also be included. The 4-Step Journey Map Process PowerPoint Template is an excellent example of a presentation template that creates a visual picture in the minds of your audience.

The proper presentation can help you project your confidence in your marketing ideas and plan. Choose a presentation template that aligns with your brand voice and personality, editing as necessary to make it fit who you are. Be strategic with your colors, diagrams, illustrations, and icons to ensure your visual communication aligns with your presentation message.

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