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SlideModel’s marketing plan templates provide professional models with editable layouts to make it easy for you to create anything from a Marketing Mix diagram to a SOSTAC marketing diagram, Funnel Touchpoint model and more.

Browse through our templates’ catalogue to find the right PowerPoint Diagram Template that suits your needs and create professional looking diagrams in no time. Alternatively, browse our marketing strategy templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides.

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A marketing plan is a detailed document that contains next year’s advertising and marketing plans. It depicts the business activities required to meet specific objectives within a given time frame. These include discussing the target market and describing the marketing mix used to achieve the goals. We have a General Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template and many other downloadable templates you can customize.

Marketing plan templates and layouts should include market research, strategies, plans, competition, budgets, and goals. However, these can be simplified into presentation slides so your audience can understand them thoroughly. A market plan is essential to any growing brand; it strategizes and positions the company’s products and services empathetically to its customers. With all of this said about the marketing plan, there is no doubt that you require a Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template to showcase your ideas.

We have professionally designed marketing plan templates for collaborative presentations at SlideModel; these are simple designs that match industry-related icons, images, graphs, diagrams, etc. The Diagonal SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Slide Designs illustrate the organization’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to the operational marketing plan. The Business Plan PowerPoint Templates can help you communicate your company’s message to the audience in a single presentation, and various other templates to help you finish your presentation quickly.

What exactly is a Marketing Plan Templates?

A Marketing Plan Templates is a PowerPoint-based visual representation of the upcoming year’s advertising and marketing plans. It requires customer feedback, demographic data, and other relevant information. Browse our downloadable and editable marketing plan templates to learn more.

What is the purpose of making a Marketing Plan PowerPoint presentation?

We’ve created a 7Ps Marketing Mix PowerPoint Template to help you drive your point and deliver your report without missing facts. These templates have been professionally designed to adhere to corporate guidelines. Check out our visually appealing Content Marketing Plan PowerPoint Templates, a 21-slide comprehensive business report that you can download and customize.

How to download Marketing Plan Templates?

Log in to your SlideModel account and go to the marketing plan template you want to download. A page about the template will appear, with a download icon beneath it. Click the “Download” button. The next step is to modify it to your specifications.

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