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The PowerPoint Tips category groups blogs posts from SlideModel with important information for PowerPoint users. In this posts we describe simple procedures and professional techniques used by designers to achieve pixel perfect results. PowerPoint is a very flexible tool, and it provides several features which are unknown for the traditional users. We try to dig into those features and help the rest of the users to apply them in their presentations.

How To Copy Content Formatting in PowerPoint 2013 With Format Painter

Sometimes one can find it impossible to keep content formatting uniform for presentation slides. Manually adjusting the font color, size and desired font type can be frustrating and time consuming, especially when your added content is imported from other documents. An easy way of keeping your text uniform and in the appropriate format is by […]

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How To Arrange Objects in PowerPoint 2013

There are a lot of nifty tricks that are hidden within PowerPoint menus and require your imagination to unlock the path of making extraordinary presentations. Arranging objects for instance, can be more useful that you might think, especially when arranged on top of each other to create custom diagrams and slide layouts.

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How To Remove Background From Image in PowerPoint 2013

Making a presentation alone can be quite laborious and the last thing you need is to use complicated procedures to edit your images using Photoshop. Thankfully, PowerPoint provides a lot of basic image manipulation options such as the ability to rotate an image, reshape and crop images and to remove background from an image.

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Rotating A Picture in PowerPoint 2013

Sometimes one has the perfect picture for a presentation that seems to be crooked or needs to be rotated to correct its alignment. At other moments, one might simply want to rotate an image to present a different perspective before an audience. Luckily, you need not to waste time using an image editor to rotate […]

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How To Reshape And Crop A Picture in PowerPoint 2013

You might have come across high resolution images which are too big for a single slide and have a lot of extra space that you might want to get rid of to single out the essential parts of the image. Luckily, you don’t have to be an expert at using PhotoShop or other image editing […]

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How To Edit The Size Of A Slide in PowerPoint 2013

There was a time when people had to download Widescreen PowerPoint Templates because the availability of a true Widescreen orientation did not exist in PowerPoint. However, PowerPoint 2013 has introduced Widescreen support as a default option which has made slide orientation options more rich for presenters. But it’s not just the Standard or Widescreen format […]

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How To Add Offline And Online Videos in PowerPoint 2013

Have you ever wished that you didn’t have to deal with blank faces and a snoring audience when delivering a slide about a technical aspect of your topic? One way of avoiding the inconvenience of talking to yourself during a presentation can be done by adding a video to your slide to allow your audience to […]

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Using Gridlines, Guides And Ruler in PowerPoint 2013

There are many handy tools offered by the most commonly used applications that users often overlook. For example, the Ruler in PowerPoint 2013 is more useful than you might think. Anyone who has used PhotoShop or a tool where precision in alignment of objects is important, would know the true value of having a Ruler […]

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