How to Find and Replace Text in PowerPoint

PowerPoint can contain hundreds or thousands of words in a single slide deck. This is especially true when working on the initial draft of a presentation created from a lengthy report or editing PowerPoint templates or Google Slides templates. You might want to reduce the amount of text in your slides by finding and removing information you don’t need.

How to Search Words in PowerPoint for Desktop and Web

The Home tab contains both the Find and Replace buttons that can be used to find and replace text in PowerPoint. If you’re using PowerPoint for Windows, you can use the CTRL+F hotkey to find text or Command+F for Mac.

Accessing Find tool in PowerPoint

PowerPoint also enables searching text by base, diacritics, or other parameters for different languages when searching for text.

Find Next in PowerPoint

Below is an example of how to search text in PowerPoint.

How to search words in PowerPoint slide

How to Find and Replace Text in PowerPoint

To replace text, go to the Home tab and click Replace; use CTRL+H for Windows or SHIFT+Command+H for Mac. The Replace function in PowerPoint not only enables replacing text but also fonts.

Replace option in PowerPoint

Enter text to find (Find what), followed by text to replace (Replace with). Click Replace to replace a single instance of the text or Replace All to replace all instances of the specified text.

Replace all option in PowerPoint

Search Text using PowerPoint for Mobile

The mobile versions of PowerPoint (Android and iOS) also contain the option to find text via the Home tab. However, a quicker way to search for text is simply using the Search button at the top.

Find text in PowerPoint Mobile

Final Words

All versions of PowerPoint, be it for the web, desktop, or mobile, have the option to find text. However, you can’t find a text from within images or videos, as PowerPoint can only find and replace PPT text that is present in placeholders.

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