How to Add Slide Numbers in PowerPoint and Google Slides

How Ro Add Slide Numbers in PowerPoint and Google Slides Cover

To help organize your presentations, both Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Sides have a feature called Slide numbers.

Most of your presentations can sometimes be difficult to keep track of—especially if they’re composed of many slides. In these situations, Slide numbers can help you effectively. Besides the tedious way of manually adding slide or page numbers, we’ll teach you how to insert page numbers in PowerPoint and Google Slides.

How to Add Slide Numbers in PowerPoint

To insert slide or page numbers in your PowerPoint presentation, follow these steps:

1) Go to the Insert tab.

2) Under the Text group, select Header & Footer.

Insert Slide Numbers in PowerPoint Header and Footer Menu

3) From the dialog box, tick the Slide number checkbox. Then, click Apply to All to add page numbers to your ppt presentation.

Insert Slide Numbers through header and footer popup menu

Tip: If you want it to be applied on selected slides, follow the same steps, then click Apply.

4) To remove the page numbers, go to Header & Footer > Slide. Uncheck the Slide number option, then, select Apply to All.

Add Slide Numbers via Slide Master

Slide Master view is designed to have control over the entire presentation, including formatting, fonts, themes, and layouts such as footers. Here, you also can insert slide numbers easily. Here’s how:

1) Go to the View tab, then, select Slide Master.

Insert Slide Number in Slidemaster

2) You’ll be taken to a structured set of slides that you can use to create your presentation.

3) On the bottom-right of each slide is where you can insert your Slide numbers.

Insert Slide Number in SlideMaster Footer.

4) If the slide number is not showing, go to Master Layout and check the Slide number checkbox. Then, select OK.

Insert slide number through master slide in slidemaster

5) To close the Slide Master view, click Close Master View.

Insert slide number Close Master View

Add Slide Numbers in Google Slides

Google Slides has a feature of adding Slide Numbers. So how do you add slide or page numbers in a Google Slides Template? Follow these steps:

1) Go to Insert, then, select Slide numbers.

Google Slides Insert Menu Slide Numbers

2) On the dialog box, click the On button.

Google Slides Insert Slide Numbers Popup Menu

3) Click Apply. Once successful, slide numbers will be shown on the bottom-left corner of each slide.
Tip: To apply on selected slides, first select the slides you want to apply for slide numbers. Next, select Apply to selected. You can also select the Skip title slides checkbox to skip title slides from the slide number.

4) To turn it off, go to Insert > Slide numbers. Then, select the Off button, and click Apply.

Add Slide Numbers in Google Slides via Slide Master

1) Go to Slide, and select Edit theme.

Google Slides Edit Theme Menu

2) You’ll see a structured set of slides that you can follow—on the bottom-left corner is the text box for Slide numbers.

3) Once you enter the side numbers, you can also choose to customize the font settings and their placement on each slide.

4) To close, click the X button on the top-right corner of the slide master window.

Google Slides Edit Theme Feature

Final Thoughts

To make your presentations well-organized, you can use slide numbers. It also makes things easier between you and your audience by inserting a page number for every slide, which you can use as a reference. 

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