How to use Laser Pointer in PowerPoint

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The laser pointer tool in PowerPoint can help highlight key areas on a slide without buying additional hardware to present your information or spending time making parts of your PowerPoint templates more eye-popping. This virtual laser pen can be activated in Slide Show mode in different colors to provide the laser pointer effect for your slideshow instantly.

How to Activate PowerPoint Laser Pointer

To activate the laser pointer tool, switch to Slide Show mode via the viewing modes at the bottom, via the Slide Show tab, or by using the F5 hotkey. Right-click on the slideshow and go to Pointer Options -> Laser Pointer. You can also turn your mouse pointer into a laser pointer by holding the CTRL (Windows) key or Command (Mac) key with the left mouse click.

How to activate laser pointer in PowerPoint

This will activate the PowerPoint laser pointer you can now use by moving the mouse or touchpad.

Laser point cursor in PowerPoint

How to Deactivate Laser Pointer

You can deactivate the laser pointer by hitting Esc on your computer or via the right-click menu by going to Pointer Options -> Laser Pointer.

How to deactivate laser pointer in PowerPoint

How to Change Laser Pointer Color in PowerPoint

To change the color of the laser pointer, go to Slide Show -> Set Up Slide Show.

Change laser pointer color via Set Up Slide Show in PowerPoint

Select a color from the Laser pointer color menu. The available colors include red, blue, and green. Red, by default, is the color used for the laser pointer in PowerPoint unless it is changed from the Laser pointer color menu via Set Up Slide Show from the Slide Show tab.

Customize color for laser pointer in PowerPoint

Final Words

Instead of investing in a laser pointer, you can instantly convert your mouse pointer into a laser pointer in different colors. This can help highlight parts of your slide and keep your audience engaged towards the most important bits of your content.

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