12 Best Org Chart Templates for PowerPoint Presentations

12 Best Org Chart Templates for PowerPoint Presentations

Constructing an org chart based on your organizational structure can be complex. Different organizations have various org chart requirements ranging from creating basic to complex hierarchies to show the chain of command in an easy-to-grasp layout. Whether you’re good at designing content in PowerPoint or lack the skills to create illustrations, our pick for the 12 best org chart templates can help you create various types of professional-looking org charts in PowerPoint.

Why Do Organizations Need an Org Chart?

An org chart is a visual representation of an organization’s structure and hierarchy. Whether you have a functional top-down, flat, matrix, network, or divisional organizational structure, its representation in a chart is essential to demonstrate how the organization functions, the roles and responsibilities of employees, and the chain of command.

The different types of organizational chart usually include flat or horizontal layouts. However these can also be unconventional in some cases, such as a circular structure used for an organization that uses a network structure.

12 Best Org Chart Templates for PowerPoint

While you can also create org charts using SmartArt and Shapes in PowerPoint, templates for org charts can be a convenient way to save time and create something easy to grasp. Professionally designed layouts also account for different organizational structures and hierarchical needs and can add visual appeal to your charts. If you’re looking for an organizational structure template to match your needs, see our 12 recommended PowerPoint Org Chart Templates mentioned below.

1. Cube Org Chart PowerPoint Template

If you are looking for an org chart template that can give you a fresh perspective, the Cube Org Chart PowerPoint Template might be an interesting pick for you. Unlike conventional boxed designs, this template gives cube-shaped hierarchies to create different types of organizational charts. You can also use this template to create a presentation that discusses the hierarchy from top to bottom, followed by a holistic view of the complete hierarchy as you proceed with your presentation.

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2. Org Chart Template for PowerPoint

The Org Chart Template for PowerPoint is a conventional presentation template for creating basic illustrations to depict your organization’s structure visually. The template provides editable layouts where you can increase or decrease the number of people in the hierarchy using the given shapes and present the organization’s hierarchy using various slides that explain everyone from the top tier to the ones at the bottom of the chain of command.

This PowerPoint template is suitable for making various org charts, such as illustrations for a flat, divisional, or functional organizational structure.

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3. Organizational Charts PowerPoint Template

Have you ever wondered if that Denver, Florian, or River named employee was a man or a woman? At times it can be confusing to determine the gender of an individual simply by their name on the org chart. Adding avatars can help prevent such confusion, so a new employee knows how to address the ‘Mr’ and ‘Ms’ when writing emails. Moreover, avatars can be a fun way of creating organizational charts by making them more eye-catching. Therefore, to make your org charts easier to understand, you can add avatars and human illustrations. The Organizational Charts PowerPoint Template with avatars gives you the flexibility to add them in style.

With 14 org chart layouts, this presentation template provides you with a wide range of choices for creating org charts. You can not only create org charts using conventional boxes but even depict the gender of the individual using male and female stick figure characters. Furthermore, you can also replace these characters with photos of each employee shown in the org chart.

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4. Simple Organizational Chart Template for PowerPoint

If you want an organizational structure template that enables you to create a hierarchy using a few simple steps, this is just the template. This is an uncomplicated org chart template with 4 basic slide layouts that can enable you to create a simple-looking chart in no time. You can create anything from a functional, divisional, flat to a network or matrix structure using the given layouts.

Since organizational charts can frequently require changes, this can also be your go-to template for editing and recreating charts to match your needs to create charts and presentations when you’re pressed for time.

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5. Matrix Organization Structure PowerPoint Template

In a matrix organization, teams report to multiple bosses. Such a structure can help prevent frequent realignment for an organization when there is a new project. Such a structure is also more agile, enabling employees to be flexible enough to shuffle between teams.

A matrix organizational structure can be hard to depict as an illustration. This is why this Matrix Organization Structure PowerPoint Template provides layouts that enable plotting employees on a chart through a matrix to make it easier to identify their roles and reporting lines.

This matrix org chart template depicts positions on the top of the chart, with a vertical layout mentioning the projects. For example, a web or graphic designer might be working on multiple projects simultaneously. In contrast, a project manager might also be tasked with handling more than one project at a time. In this case, it can be easier to place them in the given chart layouts and make frequent changes as projects and teams shift.

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6. Cross-Functional Org Chart Toolkit for PowerPoint

The Cross-Functional Org Chart Toolkit for PowerPoint is meant for depicting cross-functional teams, work breakdown structures, and the relationship between projects and team members working on them, such as in a matrix structure. You can use this template not only to illustrate the hierarchy of your organization but also to discuss and show the way your teams are structured. This template contains 6 slides, each with a layout that can be edited to make the structure as elaborate or simple as you might need.

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7. Editable Circular Org Chart for PowerPoint

A network or virtual network structure is where an organization has fewer hierarchies. In recent years, these structures have been gaining popularity in the wake of the e-commerce boom. In the post-pandemic era, we are likely to see such org chart structures grow even further in the wake of cost-saving work from home and hybrid working environments.

The trouble with depicting a network structure is that it can be too complicated to design for the average PowerPoint user. This is why org chart templates like this one can help present these structures more clearly. While the template has only one layout, with a dark and light theme, it is sufficient to create network structures and to account for the complexities of hybrid working environments with editable circular elements within the sample slides.

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8. Multi-Level Circular Organizational Chart Template

Do you have an organizational structure that is hard to explain, let alone illustrate visually? This multi-level template accounts for complex organizational structures by providing slides that can help depicts structures that branch out. This type of template can be suitable for various working environments, including agile teams, networks, matrix organizations, etc.

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9. PowerPoint Organizational Chart with Avatars

PowerPoint Organizational Chart template with Avatars is another avatar-themed template, with more gender-neutral avatars with different characters to depict in the hierarchy. Using the avatar clipart, you can differentiate your white-collar and blue-collar staff with interesting characters.

This template can help you create basic to complex structures, including elaborate network and matrix organizational structures. To expand the hierarchy, you can duplicate the given boxes and connectors. Though that might not even be required since many of the charts depict 2-3 tiers of organizational hierarchy, which is usually sufficient to create an org chart.

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10. Organizational Chart Template with Avatars for PowerPoint

Suppose you want more variety with layouts and avatars, the Organizational Chart Template with avatars for PowerPoint. The avatar layouts are laid out in a way that can help you create functional, divisional, matrix, network, and even flat structures. The different layouts can be handy to create different types of org charts for various structures. You can duplicate the characters within slides to make the charts as elaborate as you need to.

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11. 3D Organizational Chart for PowerPoint

With 3D layouts, this template provides illustrations that are meant to be unconventional and eye-catching. There are two basic layouts and a title slide to help you create org chart presentations. To add or remove elements, you can duplicate, add or remove the placeholders. Similarly, you can change the color, size, and overall design of the charts by formatting the shapes from the Ribbon menu.

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12. Circular Organizational Chart PowerPoint Diagram

This is another circular design template that can help account for hierarchies that don’t conform to the average structure of a conventional organization. The slides in the template present employees and hierarchies in the form of concentrical circles. The 5 layouts in the template enable creating organizational structures that can be represented in a full circle or arc.

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Final Words

Org charts can be as simple or complex as the organizational structure itself. However, creating them in a clean-looking layout requires a considerable amount of skill. With the help of the PowerPoint templates mentioned in the list above, you can create org charts and revise them as frequently as you need to without constructing elaborate graphics using raster or vector graphic applications like Photoshop or Adobe illustrator.

The charts in the given PowerPoint templates can be exported as images in PowerPoint or you can use them to present your organizational structure without the need to spend a long time recreating charts in the form of PowerPoint slides.

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