Organizational Charts PowerPoint Template

PPT Org Chart Four Levels Tree Diagram
PPT Organizational Chart
PPT Tree Organizational Chart Rectangle Nodes
Textboxes and Avatar Nodes Tree Orgchart
Org Chart with Photo and Text Placeholders
PPT Org Chart Horizontal Diagram
PPT Organizational Chart with Avatars
PowerPoint Template Organizational Chart
PPT Circular Org Chart
Two Parallel PPT Organizational Charts
PPT Matrixed Org Chart Diagram
PPT Division Orgchart Diagram
PPT Organizational Chart with Pyramid Background
Inverted Tree Org Chart PPT

Organizational Charts (also known as Organigrams) are diagrams that represent the structure of an organization and the relationships and ranks of its parts, divisions, and roles.

The Organizational Charts PowerPoint Template is a set of comprehensive Org Charts, with different structures generally applied in organizations. Users can describe the other employee relationships and reporting structures with the following frameworks:

  • The Traditional Tree Organizational Chart.
    • Hierarchical Org Charts. These diagrams represent a structure where every entity in an organization is subordinate to another entity.
    • Functional Organizational Chart. These diagrams represent organizations divided into “functional” divisions, where each can be structured individually.
  • The Layered Organizational Chart. These diagrams represent entities inside a layer (flat relationship) and the hierarchical relationship between layers.
  • The Matrixed Organizational Chart. A Circular Org Chart. These organizational charts are a unique visualization of a matrixed organization (alternatively, you can download the matrix org chart PowerPoint template)

The Org Chart template provides avatars to describe people and roles. It also provides generic stock photos to represent real people in the charts. The user can easily edit each person’s placeholder to replace it with proprietary content, images, or icons. Each of the placeholders is created with PowerPoint Shapes. The user can customize the palette just by changing the template theme. Alternatively, you can download other PowerPoint org chart templates or learn more about the different types of org chart layouts and structures available.

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