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The Matrix Organization Structure PowerPoint Template is a readymade team structure presentation template for business and management professionals. The template helps display the company’s framework with creative and engaging graphics. The rows and columns table format aids in understanding the hierarchical structure of an organization quickly. This matrix organizational structure slide also helps the employees comprehend the process of how information flows through the functional departments. The matrix org chart template is an incredible design assisting business executives to explain the roles and responsibilities of employees. The hierarchy of functions defines different position levels in rows and their dependencies. Therefore, this PowerPoint is a helpful graphical visual for effective communication about specific topics, such as chain of management, allocation of tasks and duties, guidelines for coordination and supervision, etc.

The table design of the Matrix Organization Structure is a creative template to overview the company’s operational strength with a 7×7 grid style. It is a 5-slide PowerPoint with variations in the original design of the organization structure template matrix. Like a work breakdown structure (WBS) for a project, the organizational breakdown structure also works similarly. Therefore, in this PowerPoint table, the top level shows the president, i.e., CEO, board of directors, etc. From the top downwards are the vertical functions and projects/products along the horizontal lines.

Circular nodes denote the intersection of functions and projectsto track roles and responsibilities easily; this is achieved using a cross-functional matrix. In Cross-functional matrix teams, team members come from different organizational functions.

The further slides show a translucent arrow the downwards and in the right direction of process flow. The matrix organization structure template can be used to present the team structure and responsibilities to a group of stakeholders in an organization or to be part of a cross-functional problem-solving team. The matrix organizational template can also be used in conjunction with other templates. Furthermore, you can determine if the matrix organizational structure is the best structure for your company in this article.

The slides of matrix organizational structure are editable PowerPoint templates enabling users to change various designing aspects of this presentation. For example, could you change the background of slides by clicking the background format button in the design tab? It opens a toolbar on the right with options like solid fill, gradient, picture or texture, and patterns. Also, customize individual PowerPoint icons like the position, project, and intersecting circle nodes by changing colors, resizing, or repositioning them.

Alternatively, you can download other matrix org chart template designs for presentations, or the 100% editable org chart templates for PowerPoint & Google Slides.

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