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The meaning of Construction is the term given to the planning and production of buildings and building systems. The professionally designed Construction Workflow Layout for PowerPoint is a beautifully produced template that provides presenters with an easily understandable and attractively navigable system for educating lecture, seminar and lesson attendees in the processes that constitute this industry.Also, it can be used under construction projects to denote each stage of the creation and commercialization of a building.

A typical construction project will typically begin with at the planning stage before proceeding to the design stage, then the financing stage and continues until the building or structure is deemed suitable for either occupation or unveiling – depending on the purpose of the building.

Far from being a constrained to a single activity, large scale construction is fundamentally a feat of monumental human multitasking. In much the same manner as ants constructing a nest, for humans to create some of the high rise megastructures which we are familiar with a great deal of collaboration is required. Usually the process of construction is monitored and controlled by a project manager, supervised by a construction manager. On top of the construction process a civil engineer, construction engineer or buildings architect oversees the process.  For the successful execution of a project, effective planning is essential. Construction has been one of the disciplines which more contributed to formalizing project management and governance practices.

The beautifully produced Construction Workflow Layout for PowerPoint features a fully editable four step plan which can be used by design engineers, construction engineers or project architects to demonstrate their proposed ideas for a designated construction project.

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