Flat Supply Chain Diagram for PowerPoint

The Flat Supply Chain Diagram is a professionally designed PowerPoint template which can be used by presenters to introduce lecture and seminar attendees to the rudiments, intricacies and methods of analysis within conventional supply chains. The supply chain finance PPT can be part of lectures or to prepare complete slide decks on Supply Chain management topics.

A supply chain denotes the complex system of collaboration between organizations, people, activities, information and resources which are together necessary to ensure the continued production of goods or services from supplier to customer. Commonly these chains describe the activities which precipitate the transformation of natural resources, raw materials and other necessary components into a finished product that is ultimately delivered to the end user. Typical supply chains begin with the actual extraction of resources; generally starting with an initial harvesting and regulation of ecological and biological resources. They will often demonstrate the various production links (for instance: component construction, assembly and merging) before indicating the numerous off-shore storage facilities through which products pass through before eventually reaching the consumers.

The Flat Supply Chain Diagram is ideally used by practitioners within supply chain management. Supply chain management draws heavily from constituent areas of operations management, logistics, procurement and information technology. The diagram strives to illustrate the integrated and cross-functional approach to business management that supply chains can be remarked upon for. It includes high quality clip art icons that depict the management and movement of raw materials between organizations, factory works, suppliers, distributors and retail outlets before ultimately reaching the targeted consumers.

The Flat Supply Chain Diagram is a fully editable template that uses customizable vector graphic icons that are compatible with all PowerPoint applications to create composite images to serve as visual aids in presentations of supply chain management. Everything that you see on display in the template – whether background, clip art, color or text – can be optimized for any environment or audience.

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