Android UI Design Kit for PowerPoint

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PowerPoint Shapes of Numeric Keyboard Android Prototype

Android UI Design Kit for PowerPoint is a professional Template created with 100% editable Android Mobile widgets ideated for Application Sta Prototyping. This PowerPoint Template provides the complete set of Android Material UI elements, in editable format, created as PowerPoint shapes. The user can design static  prototypes of Android Applications without the need of any additional tool. Speed up your design validation process, creating different variations of your prototypes with drag and drop widgets, 100% customizable. Change the color palette, the fonts, rearrange the images and icons, generate vectorial effects, everything with the ease of use of PowerPoint.

Each slide contains an Android Screen with the Materials layout and several atomic controls. Each control is colored through palette colors, there is no need to change widget by widget, just customize the PowerPoint palette and colors will change automatically.

The concept of Material design is a guide for visual and interaction design through different devices. The mantra consists on synthesizing the classic principles of good design with the new technologies and science. Google included in Android latest versions support for material design apps. The Android UI Design Kit for PowerPoint provides the prototype theme screens, all the widgets and complex views, and examples of shadows and animations for prototyping.

Ideal for agile software development teams that need to quickly prototype applications UI designs early in the sprint, or for Product Managers that want to validate a mobile application UI design with different areas of the company as Marketing and Sales. The Android UI Design Kit for PowerPoint is extremely simple to use, does not require any complex skills more than the ability to drag and drop PowerPoint objects through the slides. Share easily your UI design through export functions of any presentations tool, and present it to the stakeholders as a pro.

Create Professional Android Material Static Prototypes with high visual quality that appeal to Global audiences.

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