Mobile Wireframe PowerPoint Template

  • PowerPoint Mobile Wireframe Login Use Case
  • PowerPoint Wireframe Mobile Signup
  • PowerPoint Wireframe Confirmation Success
  • PowerPoint Mobile Wireframe Dashboard Screen
  • PowerPoint Wireframe for Mobile List of Details
  • PowerPoint Wireframe of Contact List
  • PowerPoint Wireframe of Contact Details Mockup
  • PowerPoint Wireframe Add Contact Use Case
  • PowerPoint Wireframe of Text Box Typing
  • PowerPoint Wireframe Weather Use Case
  • PowerPoint Mockup of Mobile Video Playing Landscape and Portrait

Mobile Wireframe PowerPoint Template is a professional presentation that provides several 100% editable Mobile Wireframes and all the required components  to allow a user to create their own Mobile application User Interface mockup and navigation flows. Ideal for Functional Analysts, Business Analysts, Product Manager, or Software Developers that work with User Interfaces of Mobile devices, this PowerPoint Template is a powerful tool for interacting with Mobile product development stakeholders in early stages and design the Mobile application through an iterative approach.

Wireframing is a traditional practice among software development. It provides validation of user interface interactions, usability and functionality validation in early stages of the application development process. It is simple to communicate to non technical audience, quick to create and very powerful to validate hypotheses among a heterogeneous range of users.

Agile Methodologies have been embracing early prototyping through the use of mockups and wireframes, delivering usable pieces of software on a continuous basis. The wireframing activities allows front-end developers to create usable pieces of software with the basic components in early stages and allow the developers to focus on the business rules, validations  and navigation flow rather than the look and feel.

The Mobile Wireframes PowerPoint Template  provides the most common mobile app use cases, ranging from a simple login into most complex wireframes as data and charts.

The Mobile Wireframe PowerPoint Template also comes in an animated version, in order to help the user to provide an animated application flow.

Create amazing mobile app wireframes and mockups with this amazing flexible presentation.

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