Product Life Cycle Model PowerPoint Diagram

Flat PowerPoint Product Life Cycle Diagram
Recurring and Nonrecurring Product Life Cycle Models.
Five Stages PowerPoint PLC Model
Reinvent Phase Addition to Product Life Cycle Model
PowerPoint Product Life Cycle Diagram Introduction Phase
PowerPoint PLC Model Growth Stage
PowerPoint Product Life Cycle Model Growth Phase
PowerPoint Slide of Decline Phase of PLC Model
PowerPoint Design of Reinvent Stage of Product Life Cycle Model

Product Life Cycle Model PowerPoint Diagram – This professional PowerPoint Template presents a 100% editable diagram of the product life cycle (PLC) curve, with each of the phased described in individual slides.

The Product Life Cycle is a model created to represent the phases of a product from it’s ideation to be discontinued. The model is broad enough to be applied across a product category or in the context of an individual product. The model is a simple but powerful Strategy tool that helps organizations to plan new product development and evolve existing products.

The Global Product Life Cycle Model is divided in four main stages (a modern representation includes a fifth phase added recently to describe inclusion of innovation within the product process. The stages are the following:

  1. Introduction
  2. Growth
  3. Maturity
  4. Decline
  5. Reinvention

This model is used generally during strategic planning or during the review of a business model. It provides a clear map of in which stage the organization’s products/services have reached. During the Product Life Cycle analysis a complementary tool is the BCG Matrix.

The Product Life Cycle Model helps to understand and to plan the sales forecast. Products in the early stages of the model are prone to have increasing sales as the product matures. When it reaches the maturity stage, sales will stop growing, but for a period (until the decay phase is reached) they will keep the sale volume high. Predicting the Decay phase is generally difficult but understanding that a product has reached maturity prepares the organization for the next product and to diversify it portfolio.

The Product Life Cycle Model PowerPoint Diagram is a professional PowerPoint Template, ready to edit and designed with the best layout practices. Users just need to replace the text placeholders with their content text and they are ready to describe their Product Life Cycle. Impress your audience with professional PowerPoint Diagrams that engage and generate durable messages.

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