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Organizational Culture PowerPoint Diagram is a professional presentation picturing the organizational culture types defined by the Competing Values Framework. Based on the identification of the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument. The Diagram contains four quadrants that represent polarities, where each represents an Organizational Culture Type:

  • Collaboration, also known as Clan culture.
  • Control, also known as the Adhocracy culture.
  • Competence, also known as the Market culture.
  • Cultivation, or Hierarchy culture.

Organizational culture is derived from human behaviour within an organization, and the meaning the people attaches to it. There exists several models of Organizational Culture, and every of them provide insightful tool to study organizations and their people. This includes the analysis of vision, mission, values,norms, habits, symbols, systems, language and beliefs.

This professional PowerPoint Diagram provides flexible diagrams to explain each of the Organizational Culture types, as group, showing their relationships and individually, drilling down on each of them. Each object of the PowerPoint Diagrams is created using PowerPoint shapes, allowing the presenter to fully customize its properties, as size, color and effects.

Combine this presentation with any of out PowerPoint Diagrams to add additional value content, as Organizational Charts. Impress your audience with our appealing Organizational Culture PowerPoint Diagram, and create presentations that transmit your message just at a glance.

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