Muda 7 Types Of Waste PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint Cover Slide Featuring a Pie Chart with Muda Waste Types
PowerPoint Table Seven Muda Waste Types TPS
PowerPoint Icons of Seven Muda Waste Types TPS
PowerPoint Data Driven Chart with Muda 7 Waste Types
PowerPoint Descriptions Slide with Clipart of Transportation Muda
PowerPoint Box Clipart Inventory Muda Waste Type Metaphor
PowerPoint Icon Metaphor for Motion Muda Waste Type
PowerPoint Clipart Describing Waiting Waste Type of TPS
PowerPoint Factory Clipart Metaphor of Over Production Muda
PowerPoint Gears Clipart Describing Over Processing Muda Waste Type
PowerPoint Icon Metaphor for Defects Muda Waste Type
PowerPoint Slide of Toyota Process System Muda Waste Types

MUDA 7 Types Of Waste PowerPoint Template – This template is created for consultants, professionals or executives that need to present the seven types of waste (also known as Muda) and specify in detail each of them. The PowerPoint template provides the following assets to presenters:

  1. Cover slide to start the presentation with a descriptive Clipart. It features a Pie chart providing insights of the content of the deck.
  2. Seven Types of Muda Titles, displayed in a two column four rows layout and decorated with a warm flat palette.
  3. Visual Metaphors in forms of PowerPoint Icons and Clipart Picturing the 7 Muda Types of Waste.
  4. Pie Chart Infographic to present the quantitative analysis of the amount of waste of each Muda type.
  5. One Slide for each Muda Type created with a two vertical tiles Layout.

In business and management, Muda is a Japanese word meaning wastefulness. It was first introduced as a business jargon by the Toyota Production System (TPS) 3M’s model. It is one of the three M’s that attain for Muda (waste), Mura (overburden) and Mura (unevenness). Muda has become popular because of various reasons, a couple would be:

  • Reducing waste is the most effective way of improving profitability, and there is an extensive set of management tools to identify and optimize it.
  • Lean movements traction and momentum. Lean practitioners have adopted Muda as their main mantra, and are extremely successful in identifying and correcting processes in time efficient way and with good results.

The Types of Muda or waste categories varies; they depend of the management quality framework. In the traditional TPS model, the wastes types described by Taiichi Ohno (Toyota’s Chief Engineering Officer) are the following seven:

  • Transportation
  • Inventory
  • Motion
  • Waiting
  • Over Production
  • Over Processing
  • Defects

The Muda 7 Types Of Waste PowerPoint Template provides a cohesive presentation where users can quickly build a Muda Analysis and present it to their board or interested stakeholders.

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