DMAIC Template for PowerPoint

DMAIC Template for PowerPoint is a presentation template containing multiple DMAIC process slide designs. DMAIC stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control and it is a methodology based on these five improvement steps.

Lean Six Sigma DMAIC process starts with the Define step where the problem is defined and also the the customer, the voice of customer (VOC) and critical to quality (CTQ), then target process subject and other related business processes, project targets or goals, the project boundaries and scopes, as well as a project charter that is often created during the Define step.

Then during the Measure process it is possible to establish current baselines as the basis for improvement, identify the gap between current and required performance and  collect data to create a process performance capability baseline for the project metric. In the Analyze process the goal is to validate and select root cause for elimination.

During the Improve process the goal is to identify, test and implement a solution to the problem. Here you can use metaphors with creative slides for part or in whole or design slides based on techniques like Six Thinking Hats or Random Word as an idea generation technique. During the Improve process step you can create innnovative solutions, focus on the simplest and easiest solutions and use tools like the PDCA cycle to test solutions and get results.

During the Control step the idea is to sustain the gains, monitor the improvements identified and measured in order to ensure continued and sustainable success. Here you can create a control plan and update any document or business processes as required.

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