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Document Management PowerPoint Icons is an electronic filing illustration to make awesome presentation of document system. The template is usable in every organization due to paperwork requirements. Best suited to present filing system in project and training management. The paper work of organization is as important as other business functions such as planning, development, sales and marketing. The business cannot operate properly without an effective record management system. The successful implementation ensures business captures, stores and retrieves records every day. Although the official paper can be in both hard and electronic format. This PowerPoint can create a presentation explaining framework for organizing all digital and paper documents. It allows a quick access to any file. Following are the benefits of using a document management system:

  • Various type of documents such as, word processing files, emails, PDF, spreadsheets, scanned images.
  • Easy access and search file by name, keywords, date etc.
  • Secure files by restricting access
  • Batter collaboration to track the edits and viewing of document
  • Create copies or sharing on multiple electronic devices and online
  • Disaster recovery by storing documents online
  • Save a lot of space by creating a paperless environment

The Document Management PowerPoint Icons is a 11-slide template of useful shapes representing electronic documentations. The template has unique flat design of shapes using drawing lines. Additionally, the colors of lines create a beautiful gradient effect. This editable PowerPoint contains high resolution shapes. Hence, users can increase or decrease the size of figures without affecting the visual appearance. The PowerPoint is a set of slides containing 17 different icons. The users can copy desire images in any other presentation to represent documentation related modules.

The few icons illustration of document management PowerPoint has several meanings. It includes, blank, written, approved, data chart, report, upload, download, delete and add page. Besides these, there are additional icons relevant to business documents. Such as, folder, calendar, magnifying glass, clock, bin and globe. The PowerPoint shows the option of using these images and large or small icons. Also, the template shows the images with black background. This assists users to understand multiple edits possible in PowerPoint.

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