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Competitive Analysis is a vital process of helping businesses to stay on top of market changes and use them to their advantage. It puts a spotlight on the strengths and weaknesses of competing organizations and the company itself. Detailed competitive analysis helps uncover opportunities through data collected, giving a competitive advantage to the business. It also helps stakeholders to understand the competitive landscape of the market and define the value proposition (what stands out from competitors). The competitive analysis is one of the inputs to strategic planning.

Modern Competitive Analysis PowerPoint Template helps presenters focus on reporting the competitive landscape and deduce business lessons from it. The PowerPoint template of competitive analysis includes downloadable graphs, charts, and tables. You can include all the relevant information about an organization in editable templates for analysis exercises.

The competitive analysis PowerPoint templates are suitable for explaining business competitive analysis to non-marketing teams. It enables open discussion about environmental forces, search landscape, competitor segmentation, and evaluations. The Modern Competitive Analysis PowerPoint includes editable templates for evaluation during business meetings. The Modern Competitive Analysis PowerPoint includes editable templates that help professionals to gather information for evaluation during business meetings. It includes slides of environmental forces i.e. Porter’s framework to examine the competitive forces in an industry. The industry is evaluated according to five elements that are new entrants, buyers, suppliers, substitutes, and competitive rivalry.

The circular model in PowerPoint centers rivalry to show key forces that directly affect business in an industry. There are five slides available to explain each of five elements in detail. The competitor discovery templates include data charts for the online search landscape. A business can explain the overall market landscape on a grid layout. There are three graphs PPT templates to map competitor segmentation and evaluate unique visitors based on value proposition communication score and price. The competitor segmentation templates are analysis graphs, also known as perceptual mapping.

Competitor review data chart templates capture key information about competitors, including details about the company, products, and features for comparison and rating. The two slide templates let users add textual information and view how competitive factors have been rated on a scale from 1-to-5. These templates visually represent where brand, product, and service stand among competitions. The slides of strategic advantage help businesses to summarize why customers prefer buying from the company i.e. what is unique about a product or service that draws customers.

SWOT analysis is a widely used analysis tool for businesses to identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. In a presentation about competitive analysis, SWOT analysis highlights what competitors are doing right, what customers complain about, and what opportunities can be exploited. In short, display an assessment of what goals competitors have achieved based on their unique positioning and find weaknesses where you can fill the gaps to make their customers your customers.

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