Investor Pitch PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint Splash Page for Investors Pitch Presentation
PowerPoint Slide of Pitch Basics
PowerPoint Slide Design with Investors Pitch Common Mistakes
PowerPoint Designs With 6 Photos in Vertical Alignment
PowerPoint Design Of Investor Pitch Path
4 Steps of Pitch Path, from five to eight.
PowerPoint Slide with last Steps of Investors Pitch Path
Vision Design of the Elevator Pitch
PItch Deck Traction PowerPoint Slide
PowerPoint Slide on how To reach the Market
PowerPoint Pitch Deck Problem and Substitute Solution Design
PowerPoint Slide to describe the Solution to the Problem
Alternative PowerPoint Value Proposition Slide
PowerPoint Slide of Business Revenue Streams
PowerPoint Slides With Icons Themed Marketing
Present Your Team PowerPoint Slide Design
PowerPoint Slide to describe Financial Projections
Slide Showing to Men hand Wrestling Metaphor for Competition
PowerPoint Slide to Ask for the Money to the Investors
Final Thank You Page

Investor Pitch PowerPoint Template (a.k.a. pitch deck, slide deck or pitch slide deck) is a professional presentation with the required sections of an effective Investor Pitch. It provides guidelines and examples on how to present your Entrepreneurship to an investor board, Venture Capital, fund, or even Angel Investor. The PowerPoint presentation provides high-quality visual appeal that will engage the audience during the Elevator Pitch.

Your pitch deck should fit in with your Business Model but is not a detailed description of the plan. Scope out the content of the slides rather than jumping right in with PowerPoint or Keynote. Make sure that the content flows well. You can follow several presentation methods to help you outline your investor’s pitch more effectively, for example, the 10/20/30 guidelines.

The ten most essential slides on this investment pitch deck PPT template are the ones that will  provide the core content for any pitch deck:

  • Title
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Business Model
  • Underlying Magic
  • Marketing
  • Competition
  • Financial
  • Current Status

The goal of the first meeting using the pitch deck is to engage the investors sufficiently such that they take the next step with you.

The next step could involve doing further due diligence, referring you to another investor or introducing a strategic partner. If the investor is not willing to invest any further in the opportunity, do not expect any additional feedback.

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