36+ Pitch Deck Templates for PowerPoint & Google Slides Presentations

Prepare effective sales and business presentation decks using our pre-designed Pitch Deck templates. You can use our pitch deck templates to raise capital or to make an important presentations to a potential client, sales team or board of investors.

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Download our Pitch Deck Templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides and create professional presentations with a great ability to persuade your audience. Our Pitch Deck PowerPoint Templates are 100% editable and easy to use, with pre-made designs adaptable to all types of companies.

What is a Pitch Deck?

A Pitch Deck is a presentation that aims to be clear, concise and brief in order to persuade the receiver of the message. Through the Pitch Deck you usually present a product, share a business model, analyze an implementation strategy, present a work team, in order to reach and persuade an investor to join your project.

What is a Pitch Deck used for?

The Pitch Deck will help you communicate all the fundamental aspects of your business, in order to persuade and generate interest in potential investors. Through a Pitch Deck Template you can present the vision and value proposition, the problem, the solution, the target audience, the business model, the roadmap, the marketing deck, finances and the investment plan; using design best practices that appeal to executive audiences.

What makes a great Pitch Deck?

Some of the best practices when creating a Pitch Deck Presentation are: tell a story and create an emotional bond with the investor, create an excellent first impression, introduce the team behind the project, present impressive metrics, don’t read the presentation and look to interact with the audience, don’t include too much text.

What is an Elevator Pitch?

The Elevator Pitch is a presentation speech about your project or venture, where through brief, concise and impactful information you seek to persuade the audience and achieve a meeting or a new investor in the project. The Elevator Pitch template will help you synthesize your ideas and present them solidly in less than a minute.

What is the difference between Pitch Deck and Elevator Pitch?

The Pitch Deck is a PowerPoint presentation of 10 to 20 slides, 100% visual, made to persuade and capture the attention of an investor in your project, which lasts no more than 15 minutes. On the other hand, the Elevator Pitch is 100% verbal, it seeks to present an idea and arouse the interest of the audience, is usually presented to investors, partners, other companies, and lasts no more than 60 seconds. The Elevator Pitch is used in a previous stage to a Pitch Deck Presentation.

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