Fishbone Diagram Template for PowerPoint

Simple Fishbone Diagram Template for PPT
PPT Template Fishbone Diagram with Circles
Rectangular Text Boxes Modern Design Fishbone Diagram
Slide Template with Fishbone Diagram
Editable Fishbone Diagram - White Background
Bold Numbers Fishbone Diagram Template Slide
PowerPoint Slide Design of Fishbone Diagram with Alphabet Tags
PPT Slide with Reverse Direction Fishbone Diagram
Editable Simple Fishbone Diagram - Dark Background
Fishbone Diagram with Circular Shapes
Editable Slide Design for Fishbone Diagram - PPT Template
Dark Background Fishbone Diagram with Modern Features
Three-Stage Fishbone Editable Diagram
PPT Fishbone Diagram with Numbers in Segments
Fishbone Tags with Alphabet Tags and Placeholder Text
Reverse Direction Fishbone Diagram with Dark Background

The Fishbone Diagram Template for PowerPoint contains editable slides with fishbone diagram variations. Fishbone diagrams are helpful representation layouts in business management to showcase the points of root-cause analysis. Professionals can arrange all the related data in an arranged way and relate them to a specific situation. For instance, if a business is not going well in terms of revenue generation, executives or analysts can arrange the probable causes in a connected way leading towards the current scenario. This way, it can be used as a presentation style in cause & effect analysis or problem-solving situations. Usually, it is applied to show the results of a brain-storming session to dig into the exact cause. So, users can benefit from the various fishbone diagram layouts provided in this fishbone diagram template for PowerPoint.

Our Fishbone Diagram Template for PowerPoint has eight slide designs, each available in two PowerPoint background color variations, i.e., white & dark. The first slide shows a simple fishbone diagram with each bone carrying a number label. Presenters can add the relevant description to the text boxes arranged with the steps. On the second slide, the bone ends (thin lines) have circular shapes having placeholder text. The following three slides have a modern design in which the bone diagram structure is modified using colored text boxes, i.e., there are rectangular shapes in the bone segments. These slide templates with multiple editable sections can be used to mention more than one point at every step of the fish diagram. Presenters can choose between the three variations of this slide and use it for specific purposes accordingly. 

The further two slides carry bold numbering labels and alphabet tags, respectively. Users can also use the last slide, which shows the simple fishbone diagram but in a reverse direction than others. Hence, business experts and analysts can reduce their workload by editing these fishbone diagram slides for presentations. These fishbone diagrams templates for PowerPoint can be personalized without any designing skills or effort. All slides are 100% editable with Google Slides and Keynote.

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