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Download 100% editable root cause analysis templates for presentations, compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides. Make RCA PowerPoint presentations with pre-made slide designs that can be used to represent a root-cause analysis slide using popular business diagrams like fishbone diagrams.

Using root cause analysis templates is an efficient solution to expose and explain the causes that led to a problem or accident. When a RCA presentation is needed to uncover the reason for a big problem that just happened, our editable slides for PowerPoint are the best option.

Most of the time something comes up at a working procedure, the problem that caused that roadblock needs to be anlyzed and understood so it never happens again. Our pre-design PowerPoint templates that cover popular business diagrams are crucial for an optimal root cause analysis presentation.

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A root cause analysis is a technique that helps someone to figure out the reason that caused a problem. It implies different steps not only to identify the problem, but also to address it and prevent it from happening again in the future.

This method is used widely to understand the chain of actions in a system that led to a certain event. It analyzes one action at a time to identify the moment when an event happened and how it grew to become a problem.

Our 100% editable root cause analysis templates include multiple business diagrams and formats to present the finding of the analysis and its conclusions. For example, fishbone diagrams, cause and effects infographics, 5 Whys process templates, 5-steps root cause analysis diagrams and more.

What is a root cause analysis template?

A RCA template illustrates the 5 Whys process that reaches the primary causes of any problem. SlideModel has a vast catalog of RCA example PPT templates that the user can manage and customize as pleased.

How do you write a root cause analysis?

When making a PowerPoint root cause analysis template, there are a few steps to take on this process correctly: Identify the problem, collect and evaluate all data surrounding the issue, define causal factors that may detonate the problem, use a root cause analysis template to determine the root cause of each causal factor, and implement a root cause corrective action template to suggest a preventative solution.

What are the 5 Whys of root cause analysis?

The 5 Whys is a popular root cause analysis framework. This method gives the user a straightforward suggestion of what the cause of the problem is, through an analytical reasoning

It is a simple procedure that requires the analyst to ask why multiple times. The main reason behind it is to trace down the root cause and it is commonly combined with other methods like fishbone and cause & effect diagrams.

How can a root cause analysis template be used?

A root cause analysis template is designed to achieve the analyst purpose. Be it persuading a board of executives or a work team into a specific problem, or just informing about the analyst findings.

Managers can take advantage of these templates to illustrate an issue in the work system of a company and propose a direct solution so the problem won’t happen again in the future.

The RCA PowerPoint slides can be used as a fishbone or Ishikawa model for brainstorming sessions, a colorful 6-Step diagram to identify problems that are hard to locate, or a presentation tracing back the root of a problem by asking the 5 interrogative questions that are fundamental to this matter.

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