Editable Gantt Chart for PowerPoint

PowerPoint Slide Cover Round Corners Gantt Chart
PowerPoint Gantt Chart with Daily Schedule
PowerPoint Gantt Chart Excel Editable
PowerPoint Gantt Chart with Tasks in Different Colors
Gantt Chart Monthly Plan for PowerPoint
PowerPoint Gantt Chart Monthly and Weekly Timeframe
PowerPoint Gantt Chart with Weekly Schedule
PowerPoint Gantt Chart with Milesont Markers

Editable Gantt Chart for PowerPoint is a modern and professional template designed to create Timelines, Roadmaps and Project Plans presentations.

Gantt Charts are extremely popular for Project Management activities; they are an elegant, simple and visually powerful tool for communicating projects activities durations, dependencies and milestones. Gantt Charts are a specialization of bar charts, used to describe schedules. The horizontal Axis measure Time. The Vertical Axis is discrete, where each row is represented by a Bar. Each Bar Represents a Task (or group of tasks). The length of the bar represents its duration. Each tasks has three main properties:

  1. Task Start Date/Time
  2. Task End Date/Time
  3. Task Curation Percentage

When creating a Gantt Chart, Project Managers allocate Resources to each task (people, money, machinery, etc.) and defines precedence of tasks. This exercise is known as Project Planning, and its main inputs are:

  1. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  2. Resources
  3. Project Milestones (predefined)

Our Flat Gantt Chart PowerPoint Template provides several versions of Generic Project Plans, for Daily, Weekly or Monthly Plans. Also this work plan template provides a Data Driven Gantt Chart that can be configured through Microsoft Excel data. Each Slide can be fully edited by users, allowing the full customization of colors, shapes sizes, number of Tasks and Schedule Time Frame. Presenters can create professional Roadmaps or Timelines combining each of the shapes and their connectors. For Milestones highlight, the template provides star icons to use as markers.

Impress your audiences with professionally designed Timelines in PowerPoint ideal for Steering meetings, project meetup or project review meetings.

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