Editable Bulgaria PowerPoint Map

Editable Bulgaria PowerPoint Map – Let your audience discover Bulgaria through a creative presentation using the Editable Bulgaria PowerPoint Map. This PowerPoint template’s construction qualities allow the user to create unlimited concepts in every slide. The whole Bulgaria map is built using pieces of PowerPoint shapes that can be highlighted individually using colors, shades or outlines. These map pieces can be presented individually in a separate slide. It’s perfect for highlighting a specific region in the country such as its capital, Sofia. Each piece of the map is also editable in terms sizes, colors and effects. It can be resized to a small icon to accentuate a concept. Its color is also editable to any shade to fit all presentation themes. These icons can have various markers such as a star, a circle and pin balloons. In addition, it can be presented in a magnified view against the whole map to create a more dramatic effect in the presentation.

This PowerPoint template is perfect for a tourism presentation focusing on Bulgaria’s unique characteristics. One of the most revered products of Bulgaria is its roses. Tourists enjoy visiting the country between May and June while the locals harvest its petals which contribute to up to 85% of the world’s rose oil. Another remarkable product of Bulgaria is its yogurt. It is known to have a unique taste due to a type of yogurt bacteria that is solely found in the country’s atmosphere.  Bulgaria also has beautiful beaches in its Black Sea coast. These beaches are swarming with tourists during summer with over 800 hotels to choose from.

Aside from tourism presentations, this PowerPoint template is also great for presenting business plans for the country such as logistic plans, business expansion, production plans and more. The flexibility of the template allows for a more focused report on specific locations in the country as well those in the region.

The Republic of Bulgaria borders with the countries of Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey. To the east, it borders with the Black Sea.

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