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Customer Development Process PowerPoint Template – A presentation targeted for different segments with the aim to describe the structured process which successful startups execute in order to grow from an entrepreneurial team of people into a established company. The PowerPoint Template provides editable versions of the Customer Development Process, and describes an holistic methodology that minimize the risk of the startup and generates sustainable business.  This presentation can be adapted for the following scenarios:

  • Entrepreneurs pitching a startup development process, growing strategy and customers acquisition.
  • Teachers and Lecturers explaining new entrepreneurs the process of building a startup and transform it into a successful company.
  • Executives trying to transform their organization from an entrepreneurial environment into a structured growing business.
  • Professionals with a Product Idea who want to create a startup to commercialize it.
  • Consultants who want to mentor new startups and help them structure their customer development process.

The Presentation Template provide the overall Startup Development Process

  • Strategy
  • Process Development
  • Organization Structure
  • Customer Development Process

What is the Customer Development Process?

Steve Blank first formally described the Customer Development Process in his book “The Four Steps to the Epiphany”. After years of practical experience and research, Steve Blank formalized the process which successful startups followed in order to create sustainable business. For years the academia (business schools) teached to new business owners and entrepreneurs, that the process to launch a company was through a Business Plan and a Product/Service development process. The process was straight forward, create a business plan, do the market research, create a set of assumptions, create a 5 years projection, and if the main variables (IRR, NPV) were positive, execute the plan and succeed. This process proved to be inaccurate and generated millions of dollars of losses to entrepreneurs and investors.

The mantra of the Customer Development Process is mainly that every assumption and hypothesis an entrepreneur formulates when building its company and product/service,  are false, and that if not proven against a real market sample with a real experience, it will fail. Even more, testing the hypothesis against the market will not guarantee the positive outcome, but will guarantee negative tests. Based on this observation, Steve Blank explains that the process an entrepreneur needs to execute is different and needs to be focused in learning from customers, not from technology or the product itself. This simple change of focus enables the entrepreneur to develop the product and the customer base together, minimizing the risks, keeping the budget under control and constantly evolving the value proposition. Even more, developing customers for profits.

The Customer Development Process is based in four looping steps. Each step itself is a cycle, and it loops until a hypothesis is validated against customers.

  • Search Phase
    • Customer Discovery Cycle
    • Customer Validation Cycle
  • Execution Phase
    • Customer Creation Cycle
    • Company Building Cycle

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