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Country Flags Clipart for PowerPoint (C to D) – Make an impressive global presentation complete with the national flags around the world.  These PowerPoint shapes are all 100% editable because of its high clipart quality. They can be edited in unlimited sizes without affecting its shape and color integrity. Editing the flags to a large size will not result in pixilated images. The flags can be edited into smaller pieces used as PowerPoint icons. It’s a useful accent to PowerPoint maps and location illustrations. National flags also emphasize a presentation’s cultural viewpoint. It’s highly applicable in cultural seminars for global business expansion.

A national flag is the simplest yet the most powerful representation of a country. It sums up the country’s cultures, history and even geographical mark in the world.  The display of a national flag is an expression of one’s nationalism. It’s usually seen in government facilities, schools and universities, offices and international consulates. In ancient history, a conquering army completes its mission by erecting their flag in the conquered land. Similarly, when a country awards an officially territory in its land to another country, the foreign country also displays its national flag.  Aside from representing a country’s place in foreign lands, raising a flag is also a passionate demonstration of one’s patriotic adoration for its country.  When the American astronauts reached the moon, they also put up the US flag to symbolize their success in conquering the quest of successfully landing on the moon. There are several flag protocols observed universally. The most common of these protocols is that when a national flag is displayed alongside a foreign flag or any other flag, the home land flag must be raised first and lowered last. If it’s displayed with several other foreign lands, the host flag and the rest of the flag must have the same size, flown at the same height and must be placed in the middle.

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