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BRIC is the acronym for an association of four major emerging national economies including Brazil, Russia, India, China. This is a PowerPoint template containing editable maps that you can use to prepare presentations around BRIC countries.

Showcase the four major emerging economies with the BRIC Maps Template for PowerPoint, found on this Office Template. The PowerPoint slides have been carefully designed to present as much information as possible about the countries of Brazil, Russia, India, and China, while retaining a visually-appealing aesthetic design that will indisputably increase audience impact and viewer attention.

In economics, BRIC countries have been to be deemed in the same league when considering the development of their local economies. The acronym itself has been used as a symbol of the shift of the power of the global economics from the well-known developed countries to that of the emerging national economies. Considering this information, the PowerPoint template may be utilized in business presentations which aim to seek out to new worldwide locations to be considered from such activities as emerging international branches and pending global expansion.

The Office template contains interesting 3D PowerPoint graphics of the flags of Brazil, Russia, India, and China, as well as of their national maps. Each of the clipart found on the slide designs are specifically planned to give emphasis to the featured nations, and provide accurate and relevant information which may be placed by the presenter to improve the effectiveness of the presentation design as a whole.

With a specific number of slides assigned to each nation, the PowerPoint presentation can be able to show every aspect of the countries, as well as the relevant financial, statistical, and demographic data, which can aid key members of the business organization in their decision to approve business plans such as those for international trade.

Most suited for demonstrating economic viability in international markets, the BRIC maps template for PowerPoint can be modified to become more streamlined toward the presenter’s specific objectives, according to situational and environmental factors in the target audience.

Note: Recently a new country was added to the group and it is known as BRICS including South Africa.

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