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EPRG Framework Presentation Template
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EPGR PowerPoint Template Slide
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Presentation Template for EPRG Framework
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Square Diagram PPT Template Slide for Regiocentric Strategy
Editable PPT Slide for Geocentric Approach Square Diagram

Our EPRG Model PowerPoint Template is a PPT layout for presenting distinct international marketing strategies adopted by multinational enterprises. The EPRG model defines marketing orientations or attitudes of the management teams toward global markets. This framework helps the companies devise a format to expand internationally. However, a particular approach is adopted based on company size, available funds, workforce, etc. EPRG is an acronym for four market approaches that can be followed by businesses in the internationalization process, i.e.,

  • Ethnocentric: In this approach, the companies invest primarily in their home country. Their priority and focus is the market of their own country.
  • Polycentric: It involves researching overseas market demands and inducing the changes to the provided service or product accordingly. Also, under this approach, companies tend to hire employees from a specific country.
  • Regiocentric: This business orientation is for a specific region where all the subsidiaries or subunits are considered the same market based on their similarities.
  • Geocentric: In the geocentric approach, businesses apply a single strategy for all regions and subsidiaries regardless of their cultural and characteristic differences.

To present the key aspects of each approach in an EPRG model, we have designed our EPRG Model PowerPoint Template. Presenters are provided with two layouts to showcase the four segments of the EPRG framework. For instance, the first design comprises four circular shapes representing one strategy, and these circles extend to form bars that carry editable text areas for details. On the first slide of this layout, all the shapes have distinct colors.

In contrast, the following slides spotlight each segment one after the other to facilitate the presenters. Similarly, the different design is a set of four squares arranged in a divided square orientation; after the first slide of this format, the following slides color-highlight individual points.

Furthermore, there are two other slides, i.e., a four-segment horizontal ribbon diagram and four hexagon design, in this presentation template. All slides of this PPT template represent these business approaches through meaningful graphic icons. Users can edit the text areas to add custom details. Business professionals and marketing executives can use this template to showcase their strategy engagingly. So, download this template and design your presentation for the EPRG model in a few simple steps.

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