3D Supply Chain Clipart PowerPoint Diagram

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3D Supply Chain Clipart PowerPoint Diagram is a professional presentation which provides 100% editable high quality clipart for each step of the Supply Chain.

Make a notable supply chain presentation with the “3D Supply Chain Clipart PowerPoint Diagram” by SlideModel.  This template design consists of icons and shapes that depict the essential stages of a supply chain. The shapes in this presentation are all made of 3D objects that are fully customizable in size, color and angles. This template can be used as it is or combined with other shapes and templates in our PowerPoint Diagram gallery.

Supply chain management is an essential part of business profitability. This is the part that determines the amount of profit a company gets from their products after deducting raw material and production costs. Basically, supply chain is a part of the product costs that can make or break its profitability in the business. In order to ensure its viability, a reasonable supply chain management has to be carried out. That’s the reason why huge multinational corporations have several manufacturing sites all over the world. The bigger the market share, the more sophisticated the supply chain becomes. Supply chain management usually involves procurement of quality raw materials for manufacturing the products, production of the goods, warehousing, inventory and transportation. Warehousing, inventory and transportation are mostly repeated in between stages of the supply chain. This part of the business involves creating a plan that will efficiently deliver the goods in its highest level of quality within the lowest cost possible.

It’s interesting to notice how much profits a company can lose without an efficient supply chain management. For example, every holiday season there are some fast food restaurants and regular restaurants that have to cancel some items in their menu or even close early because they don’t have enough stocks to make the products. Having an effective supply chain management could anticipate the obvious especially if the trend is consistent every year. This is just one of the advantages in having an efficient SCM.

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