3D Supply Chain Shapes for PowerPoint

Supply Chain Diagram in 3D for PowerPoint
PowerPoint Shapes for Supply Chain Diagram
Warehouse 3D Shape for Supply Chain Diagram
Supply Chain Diagram Supplier Shape
3D Factory Shape of Supply Chain Diagram
3D Supply Chain Distribution Shape for PowerPoint
Supply Chain Diagram Retail Shape for PowerPoint
3D Supply Chain Diagram Customers Shape for PowerPoint
PowerPoint Slide with Warehouse Supplier and Factory Shapes
PowerPoint Slide with Distribution Retail and Customers Shapes

3D Supply Chain Shapes for PowerPoint is a professional presentation with a retail supply chain diagram where each step is created with 3D shapes. The supply chain stages sre the following:

  • Raw Material Warehouse: Product Creation, where the chain starts. Every manufacturing chain start at the raw material warehouse. Generally those products of added value, use commodities as raw material.
  • Supplier: Almost every manufacturing/retail supply chain has a material supplier. This actor is the middle men between the commodities and the adding value factor of factories. Depending on the integration strategy of the manufacturing corporation this stage can be included.
  • Factory: The factory stage is the “adding value” step of the chain. Factories transform commodities (or all other type of supply) into an increased added value item. This could be with the use of workforce, machinery, science or just packaging.
  • Distribution: Every manufactured item requires to be distributed to the Point of Sales (POS). Generally retails, or minor distributors. Also, distribution can comply with exports of goods, when items are sold abroad.  The distribution stage, could be seen as a key aspect of the chain, as it consumes an important amount of the final product margin. It impacts so much in the final price (not considering tax) that one corporate strategy of manufacturing companies is to build the factory near the distribution channel, or even near of the final destination of goods (eg: near ports or free zones).
  • Retail: This stage of the chain is where goods are merchandized. Final customers take the purchase decision at this stage, and brands are marketed to be acquired at this stage. Retails have the bargain power, as they deal with different brands and the real positioning occurs at this stage.
  • Customer: Customers are the final objective of every manufacturing goods. In this chain diagram, end user customers are represented as the chain targets B2C supply chain.

Every shapes is created with Microsoft PowerPoint ClipArt, allowing the user to fully customize its properties and enabling portability across different presentations.

Supply chain analysis is part of every operations area in organizations and manufacturing start-ups. Impress your audience with this professional 3D Supply Chain Shapes for PowerPoint Template that appeal to executive audiences.

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