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PowerPoint Supply Chain Management Diagram Flat
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Supply Chain PowerPoint Diagram Flat Design is a PowerPoint presentation direct to the point illustration of SCM – designed to be easily understood by all employee levels even outside of the operations management. The presentation consists of eight (8) editable slides where you can freely demonstrate the principles of supply chain management. The first and second slides give a summary of the supply chain while the rest of the slides allow for thorough information for each stage. These PowerPoint slides are created to clearly and concisely depict the stages in the supply chain.

The supply chain is the process in the business that entails the development of the product from raw materials up to the product or service delivered to the customer. This part of the business is often confused with other processes. However, the key in differentiating this from other similar business process such as value chain and logistics is understanding how other organizations or business entities are involved in the development of a product or service. In this process, we focus our attention in the progression of the product as a raw material up to its delivery to the consumers. I would call it as a “macro operation” of a company. The basic understanding of this process is the first step in strategizing in the supply chain management – one of the crucial steps in optimizing a company’s operations. A clear comprehension of all the stages involved in this system allows the management to create a formula that will effectively lower the cost of the business’s major operations.

This supply chain PowerPoint diagram is created to ensure that your audience will fully grasp the relevance of supply chain in the overall operation of the business. It defines the important roles of other companies involved in the movement of a product or service from the raw materials supplier up to the customer.

Capture your audience’s attention with this impressive yet simple Supply Chain Diagram Template.

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