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Using Mind Maps To Share Ideas in PowerPoint Presentations

Making mind maps for jolting down your ideas to scribble a blue print for a venture is one of the most effective techniques for conducting brainstorming sessions, gathering your thoughts and bringing out your creative side. Moreover, mind maps can play a vital role in creating a drawing board, with all your ideas laid out […]

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How To Make A PESTEL Or PEST Analysis

Performing a marketing analysis effectively is essential for evaluating the profitability of business ventures and to determine how conducive the environment may be for a business venture. The Pest Analysis is an important model that can be used as a scale to measure such factors to determine the course of action for a business.

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Using Porter’s Generic Strategies For Your Business

When it comes to competitive advantage, Porter’s Generic Strategies act as a footprint for forming an effective strategy to enhance the scope of a business to achieve desired results.

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What is Bowman’s Strategy Clock And How To Make One?

Bowman’s Strategy Clock can be a helpful model for evaluating the performance of your company before rival businesses. Let’s take a look at what this model is meant for and how can you create it using a PowerPoint Template.

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Different Types Of Organizational Structures And Charts

Organizational charts serve as a blueprint for the chain of command for an organization. Different organizations tend to have more basic structures at inception, which become more complex and hierarchical as the organization expands. In what is to follow, we will elaborate upon the different types organizational structures, organization chart types and some recommendations for […]

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Balanced Scorecard PowerPoint Template

Among the different PowerPoint templates at Slide Model, the Balanced Scorecard PowerPoint Template is quite exceptional, as it provides the necessary blueprint for making a Balanced Scorecard for your organization.

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Mastering Core Diagrams in PowerPoint

Core diagrams serve as an important aspect of Enterprise Architecture; as they can be a guideline for as to how much standardization and integration a company has adopted as part of their operating model. Presenting Core Diagrams in a presentation or making them for enterprise use can be simplified if you have a good template […]

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Boston Consulting Group Templates for PowerPoint Presentations

Being a student of business management or an entrepreneur you are likely to encounter various concepts that have stemmed from the Boston Consulting Group, which is a renowned management consulting firm that has operations spread over more than 40 countries. One concept that you cannot ignore is an entrepreneur or even as a student of […]

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Templates With Good Graphics For Making Business Plan Presentations

Making a business plan presentation is no easy task as you may require summarizing content from a lot of data into simplified slides containing summaries of elaborate business plans. Moreover, there is a dire need for good graphics for making effective business plan presentations. You can make your job easier by using editable business plan […]

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Show Popular Curves in PowerPoint With Awesome Lines & Curve Designs

The J-Curve, Bell Curve, Product Life Cycle, Supply and Demand diagrams and other such illustrations are often required for the analysis of important aspects of a business. Whether you require determining the value for your investment, the potential life cycle for your product or the effect of demand and supply on your business venture, appropriate […]

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Ecommerce Templates For PowerPoint Presentations

Electronic or e-Commerce is reshaping the global economy as we speak. In such an environment it has become important to build company profiles, make project projections and relevant schematics for employees, clients ad other stakeholders. Pretty often such details boil down to a PowerPoint Presentation which may have to be presented before an audience, such […]

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Impressive PowerPoint Designs and Templates

When making your next presentation, why not make it exceptional with the help of impressive PowerPoint designs and templates, crafted by professional PowerPoint Template designers? Below are links to PowerPoint Templates that are bound to impress your audience.

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