Business Card Templates For PowerPoint

Business card templates for PowerPoint can be used for not only presentations but also for making electronic or printable cards, business profiles, website banners and the like. For this purpose you need a flexible template that has been designed to be more than a presentation template, like the Business Card Templates given below, which can be used for making business cards for PowerPoint presentations, website banners, official documents, brochures, etc.

Company Profile PowerPoint Template

This is a comprehensive template for making each aspect of your company profile, ranging from slides about your team to skill set details for individuals within an organization. This template is flexible enough to be used for making presentation about your company, as well as for generating individual or organizational profiles that can be printed or uploaded to a website. To generate a business card or presentation slide, simply replace the sample avatar and text with an employee image and portfolio.

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Business Card Template For PowerPoint

Org Chart Template For PowerPoint

This is a multi-purpose template that provides sample slides for making organizational charts, individual profiles, sequential slides and company portfolios. You can not only make good use of this template for creating PowerPoint presentations which may require showing the hierarchy of an organization but also use it for making business cards or images for a website (e.g. by exporting your slides in an image format via File –> Save As).

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Business Card PowerPoint Template

Orange Business PowerPoint Template

The Orange Business PowerPoint Template is another good template for making company profiles , with slides for individual employees and entire departments. You can replace the given sample avatars with employee images, designations and related information to instantly generate presentation slides or business cards.

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Orange Business PowerPoint Template

Blue Company Profile Business PowerPoint Template

If you are looking for a similar template in blue color, you can opt for the Blue Company Profile Business PowerPoint Template, which has the same type of sample slides as the Orange Business PowerPoint Template, with a blue color scheme.

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Blue Company Profile Business PowerPoint Template

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