Time Management PowerPoint Templates

Time management is closely linked with productivity. In business terms, time management can best be described as a ‘process’ for planning and implementing control over time spent on specific activities, to enhance  productivity and efficiency.

Time Management Techniques and Templates

There are numerous time management concepts used in organizations and on an individual basis by people, be it Pomodoro, ABC Analysis, Pareto Analysis, POSEC method or the Eisenhower Method. To demonstrate the utility of such methods or to make a presentation about the importance of time management, here are a few recommended PowerPoint Templates.

Time Management


Time Management PowerPoint Template

Be it a presentation about time management or the need for making printable diagrams for your employees, you can use this comprehensive PowerPoint template for making slides on time management. The introductory slide shows an elegant background of a world map, with an analog clock. This is followed by many diverse time management themed sample slides, fit for making timelines, project description slides, informative or persuasive slides about productivity enhancement and the need for time management.

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Time Management PowerPoint Template

Analog Stopwatch PowerPoint Template

This is a template which provides different editable slides with stopwatch images. You can customize these slides for making time management related presentations using the given timeline, agenda and picture layouts.

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Analog Stopwatch For PowerPoint

Calendar Template for PowerPoint

When it comes to time, a calendar can act as a good image for presenting project timelines, schedules and the need for managing time efficiently. The Calendar Template for PowerPoint offers all that you could need for making time management slides with attention grabbing images.

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Calendar Template For PowerPoint

Hourglass of Time PowerPoint Template

If you are looking for something more philosophical than analog clocks or calendars, then it might be worth turning back the clock to the era of the Hourglass. The Hourglass of Time PowerPoint Template is an excellent time management template with thematic slides related to the importance of time.

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Hourglass Of Time PowerPoint Template

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