Thank You Slides for PowerPoint and Google Slides Presentations

Our Thank You Slide helps users show an act of deep gratitude towards their audience at the end of their presentation. You can download any of our creatively pre-designed 100% editable Thank You slide. They come in different colors, fonts, icons, images, diagrams, etc. You can use the templates in different capacities, meaning you can use the templates to end any presentation both in a formal and informal setting across industries.

They are all Mac and Windows supported. You can use these PowerPoint templates on your Mac or Windows computer. They are also Keynotes, Office365, and Google Slides compatible. Use these templates to engage your audience and finish your presentation with applause.

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A Thank You Slide is a presentation page to show your audience appreciation. It’s a crucial page for every presentation because courtesy demands you thank your audience for their time and attentiveness. However, the Thank You Slide usually comes last, depending on the type of presentation. If the presenter gives room for questions and answers after the main presentation, then the Questions and Answers Slide will come immediately after the Thank You Slide. Also, you can add your contact information after a Thank You Slide.

Save time and energy by starting a Thank You Slide for Presentation from scratch, as you can download it from us at SlideModel. We’ve pre-designed each template with different PowerPoint elements that serve a unique purpose. Thank You Slides vary depending on the situation you are considering using them for, but we have templates suitable for all presentations across industries. You can use the Thank You Images PowerPoint Template that provides aesthetic slide background designs. You can always edit these templates by filling in your content, and it will make the template personal. And it will help you conclude the presentation with style.

You can modify pre-designed slides to your desired format to suit your preferences. You can also use this template to energize your audience in the desired direction by adding a small call-to-action text like ‘Any Questions?’ or ‘Please, give your feedback on the Thank You Slide for Presentation.

At the same time, Thank you slides can include information such as Contact details (email, phone number, website, etc.) or QR codes to invite the presenters to visit a website or follow through social networks. For example, our Simple Thank You Slide Designs for PowerPoint is a template with different layouts that can contain your contact information. There is nothing more impactful than giving an applaudable finish to your presentation. Browse through our collection of Thank You Slides for PowerPoint and choose from templates that can steer your audience to give you standing and clapping ovation.


What Is A Thank You Slide?

A Thank You Slide is a presentation page to show your audience appreciation. It’s a crucial page for every presentation because courtesy demands you thank your audience for their time and attentiveness.

What To Say In Thank You Slide?

Irrespective of how you decide to make your presentation thank you slide, include the following:

  • A call to action.
  • A summary (it can be an image or chart).
  • Your contact information.
  • A quote or tagline (it must relate to the topic).
  • Key point.
  • Verified fact.

Is a Thank You slide required in a PowerPoint presentation?

A thank you slide is not necessarily required, but it can help in many ways. By providing a thank you slide in a PowerPoint presentation, you can show gratitude to your audience after finishing the presentation. It is also a good way to show contact information or open the session for Questions.

Should the last slide of a PowerPoint presentation be used as a Thank you slide?

The Thank you slide is not necessarily the last slide of your presentation. However, in most cases, it is used as one of the last slides in a presentation. Aside from the Thank you page, some other last slides include Questions & Answers slides, Contact information slide, or a quote. Discover our guide on how to end a presentation and get inspired with different creative ways to close your presentation.

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