Last Slide PowerPoint Templates & Presentation Designs

Download 100% editable last slide templates for PowerPoint presentations and Google Slides. In this section, you can find slide designs that you can use as the last slide of your presentations, including Thank you pages, slides with QR codes, Next Steps slides, or slides with quotes and closing remarks.

Your final slide is the pinnacle of your presentation, designed to linger in the minds of your audience long after the session concludes. It’s the ultimate opportunity to make a lasting impression. SlideModel offers a range of meticulously crafted last slides, such as the “Closed Deal Thank You Slide,” “Modern Thank You Slide,” “Simple Thank You Slide Designs,” and the vibrant “Orange Contact Us Template.”

Importance of Choosing the Right Last Slide

  • Leaving a Lasting Impression: The last slide of the PPT is the final takeaway your audience receives. It’s crucial to make it count and ensure they remember your presentation. These templates enhance the likelihood of a robust and lasting impression.
  • Encouraging Engagement: A well-designed PPT last page can promote further engagement or action from your audience. Whether it’s contact information, a call to action, or a memorable quote, it encourages the next steps.
  • You reinforce the Key Message: The PPT end slide reiterates your main message. Our templates are designed to reinforce the core ideas of your presentation, leaving a powerful and concise final note.

What is the last slide?

The last slide is the concluding element of the presentation. It is the final visual displayed to the audience, summarizing key points, offering a call to action, expressing gratitude, or providing contact information. Its purpose is to leave a lasting impression and reinforce the main message of the presentation.

What is the last slide called?

The last slide is referred to by various names, such as the conclusion slide, ending slide, or simply, the final slide of a presentation. Its title may vary based on the context or individual preferences.

What do you put in the last slide?

The content on the last slide can include a summary of key points, a call to action encouraging further engagement, contact details for follow-up, expressions of gratitude, or any information to reinforce the presentation’s main message.

How do you say the last slide in a presentation?

During a presentation, the last slide might be referred to as the conclusion slide, the final slide, or the closing slide. The specific term used may vary based on the presenter’s choice or industry conventions.

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