7Ps Marketing Mix PowerPoint Template

The 7Ps Marketing Mix PowerPoint Template is a comprehensive template to present the components of marketing environmental analysis. A marketing mix is the marketing profile of any business that includes the primary factors necessary for the appropriate positioning of the company. In other words, 7P’s provide a framework to develop a practical marketing schema for satisfying customer needs and generating sales to increase the overall profit. So, business and marketing professionals can use this simple layout to present their company’s 7Ps before launching effectively.

The 7Ps Marketing Mix template has two different layouts. These layouts represent the 7Ps: Product, Price, Place, Promotion, Process, People, and Physical evidence. Each component of this market mix(the Ps) is denoted with appropriate graphic icons, e.g., price tag symbol for Price, package box icon for the product, etc.

The first layout of this template displays the 7Ps arranged in tabulated form. The seven columns represent the Ps, and the corresponding rows carry placeholder text. Users can add customized descriptions in these editable text boxes. The second layout is a 7-Segment circular process diagram. This model shows the representative graphic icons arranged in small circles around the central shape, which mentions the heading, i.e., 7Ps. There is a separate slide with a title, text boxes, and graphic icons for every marketing mix component. Presenters can edit these slides to present their specific idea.

The 7Ps Marketing Mix PowerPoint Template can help companies show a roadmap on how the company will establish its proper position in the market and customers’ minds. Business professionals can thus define their product, pricing, selling location, promotion & offers, physical evidence, workforce, and processing techniques using this ready-to-use PPT template. The 7Ps PPT Template is 100% editable using PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote. Presenters can change the font styles, transition effects, and color scheme of the slides. So, download this PowerPoint Template and prepare an engaging marketing presentation.

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