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Bucket Diagram PowerPoint Templates – In common contexts of marketing, business intelligence and data analysis, bucketing is a phrase used to describe the classification of elements into groups of certain affinity.

For example, bucketing is used under the A/B testing context, where randomised test experiment which isolates two variants, A and B, which are the control and treatment groups within a controlled experiment. This is a form of testing for a statistical hypothesis which is used predominantly in the field of statistics. As the formal name of the bucketing technique, A/B test, implies two versions of a thing are compared. These test subjects are identical in all principals excepting for the one variation that could be imagined to influence a user’s behaviour. For instance, version A might be the version currently being used (otherwise known as being the control group), while version B has – though otherwise identical – been altered in some manner (this version is hence referred to as being the treatment group). These bucketing tests can be used in a variety of situations, in online settings, such as in web design (particularly within the realms of user experience design) when the goal of an A/B test is to identify the changes made to web pages and systematically identify the changes made to the pages and landing pages that might increase or capitalize on the product of interest. In the case of online tests, the product of interest relates to click-through rates and page views.

Bucketing concepts are also used for classification of leads. The lead bucketing concept consists of tagging the leads with metadata used in the later analysis to qualify the leads significance. In common funnel analysis you can bucket the leads in each funnel step like:

  • Just Browsing
  • Shopping
  • Converting – Purchasing
  • Using
  • Recommending

This information allows to group similar groups of behaviours and characteristics, later used to optimize the funnel.

Another heavy use of the concept is Data bucketing, where sets of data are broken down according to facts or attributes. In more scientific contexts this is also called clustering.

The Bucketing PowerPoint Template is a fully customizable and professionally designed template that offers ultimate flexibility. All of the elements and icons that play together to create this attractive presentation template are created from high quality clip art icons that have been created as PowerPoint Shapes. Whether you’re looking to produce a presentation for a business or marketing seminar or are trying to convince a CEO that a bucket test is the way forward, this is the model for you.

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