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Problem Statement PowerPoint Action Evaluation
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4 D's PowerPoint Action Evaluation

The Action Evaluation Matrix PowerPoint Templates present the framework of problem-solving techniques. The action evaluation slide helps visualize the problem statement and 4-option matrix in a segmented grid layout. It provides a quick overview of the problem statement, four possible actions, and financial cost data. To solve any problem, the goal should be to get a brief review of whether the proposed solution is good or bad. The action evaluation matrix helps evaluate the course of action based on specific criteria and go to a different approach if necessary. With the help of a presentation template, the presenter can create an action evaluation plan and present it to an audience quickly.

Action Evaluation Matrix shows four ways to address a problem, also known as four levels of problem-solving. The first type of action to evaluate the problem-solving approach is to find a workaround. This means a method to solve a problem without eliminating its cause. If you cannot work around the problem, rapidly Fix the situation. This is called troubleshooting, an immediate response without getting into the root cause. At the same time, the root-cause analysis method is a structured decision-making process to determine why the system is not operating as it should. Lastly, the final solution path provides a vision or ideal condition that fundamentally changes how the system works.

The path for business decisions emerges by evaluating each approach’s impact, cost, and time. The Action Evaluation Matrix PowerPoint Templates include five slides to discuss the problem and each action plan. This template also presents a 4D matrix (Do, Delay, Delegate, Drop), similar to the ones used in priority matrix templates, to evaluate the importance and urgency of problem-based actions.

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