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The Tuckmans Team Development Model PowerPoint Template is communication management tool presentation. The model assists organizations to structure their team development strategy. This model of team development has four major stages whereas, the fifth stages is relatively new term. This PowerPoint template of Tuckman’s team development presents graph of x and y axis. The x axis represents time and y axis show effectiveness. The psychologist Bruce Tuckman created a business model with phases as Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing. These phases enable companies to effectively improve performance. Here, these stages display a graphical view of stair style for all four levels. However, the latest component i.e. Adjourning is shown at the right bottom after performance stage. The brief discussion of Tuckman’s team development model stages is below:

Forming: At this the members are not fully familiar with the environment and leader has noticeable power.
Storming: This is where the implementation begins and conflicts arise due to different work styles and background. For example, a team member challenging the authority or experience stress.
Norming: The socializing helps resolve differences and work together to achieve similar goals. This stage often overlaps with storming because new teak can affect the behavior.
Performing: It is stage where hear work is visible without the resistance. The leader can concentrate on team development without affecting the overall performance.
Adjourning: Usually teams are made for project activities which may dissolve after achieving its final goals or restructuring of an organization. The employees who develop a good working relationship or if they are uncertain of their placement in future projects. They find it difficult to deal with the closure of project and its team.

The Tuckmans Team Development Model PowerPoint Template provides variation of template designs. Such as, the translucent arrows showing direction, or curve arrow showing path and the Kubler Ross model curve. Further, this variety of slides enables uses to choose desire design for the team management presentation.

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