Tuckman’s Team Development Model for PowerPoint

Team Development Model PPT Slide Design with Four Stages for PowerPoint
Tuckman Team Development Diagram with 4 Stages
Team Development Model Slide Design with 4 Stairs for PowerPoint

Create stunning team development presentations with Tuckman’s Team Development Model for PowerPoint with its custom features and functional design.

Tuckman’s Team Development Model portrays four inevitable steps that allows growth to a team. Designed by Bruce Tuckman in 1965, it aims to create solutions to problems that can arise in a group and let the group grow. The framework is a collaboration of personality, psychology and management concepts. The model includes these 4 phases:

  • Forming
  • Storming
  • Norming
  • Performing

The Forming stage is where the members of the group meet. Together, they create the team’s objectives and begin to identify and designate the task. Members are very motivated in this part but are a little shy at the same time. Storming is a stage where clashes happen. Usually, if the problems in this phase are not resolved, the team dies with it. The arguments that arise here will make the unit stronger if addressed properly. Members that emerged from Storming have developed intimacy and common responsibility towards goals. They are now in the Norming stage. Performing is where the team attains success through hard work and deep knowledge. These stages undergo a cycle or overlapping but they are all necessary in team development.

The PowerPoint template can aid the user in generating a novel presentation. All four slides with 3D PowerPoint shapes are editable. For example, the presenter can identify one challenge that the team might face. These challenges can be sorted and entered in the spheres on the first slide. The second and last slide illustrate that there is growth if the team survives every phase. The 3rd slide on the other hand is a venue for a more detailed discussion.

Start up amazing and professional presentations with Tuckman’s Team Development Model for PowerPoint. Another factor that can greatly influence team development is teamwork. Here is Teamwork Word Cloud Picture for PowerPoint downloadable from the SlideModel gallery.

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